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    Originally Posted by FlaafyFTW View Post
    Hey, i downloaded off of the new link and when i try to play it i get the message: "RGSS102.dll could not be found".

    Is this fixable do you know?
    You need to download this:
    Once you do you'll be fine.

    Originally Posted by VarietyVidsnet View Post
    Wow, this demo makes my game look like explosive diareah
    Seriously man, great job on this! Along with the rest of the team. The tiles look amazing.

    Although, it does run a little slow. But, I am 90% sure that it is just my 10-year piece of junk I call my computer.

    This game makes me want to improve my game! I shall open up RMXP and start working!
    Lol thanks! Worked really hard on making the tiles so I'm glad they're appealing. The game is laggy on my computer but like you I think that's just the computer.

    Originally Posted by Vampire://Krimm View Post
    Hey ShinyLugia~ n_n

    I just popped by to say how thoroughly impressed I am by the demo! I've just beaten Saturn and saved the Dewgong from the Galactic Grunts and I'm trying to find the secret o.o" Or does it disappear before I save Dewgong?

    Anywho~ Everything is great! I've spotted some minor spelling errors and whatnot, but nothing that directly interferes with the gameplay xD Otherwise, it's a lot of fun and plays rather smoothly~ n_n I'm also super impressed by some of the eventing done with the Ranger Boards, the Letter, and other scattered little things.

    All in all, it's been a lot of fun!~

    Btw I wanted to ask, are you using some sort of anti lag script or do you have a newer version of essentials or something o-o? The game runs incredibly smoothly on my part.

    Edit: Also, does the secret relate to hidden items or is it an actual event? o.o ~found potion from a window lul~
    Awsome you're that far!? Sorry to say it's not over. I knew no one would figure it out so... You need to train dewgong until it learns surf then head east of Rising city. For the secret to activate you need to actually battle Saturn which occurs after the 2nd gym battle (that's where the demo ends) After you do so the secret activated allowing you to look for it. The secret is an event short and sweet, telling you to post a screen in the thread. Items like those you found are hidden in walls, mountains, cars so look out for them. How the game runs depends on your computer. It ran really slow on mine (just look at my errorlog, so many Hangup errors!). Glad you're enjoying the demo btw. You're on of the people I'm trying to impress .
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