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Originally Posted by shinylugia249 View Post
Awsome you're that far!? Sorry to say it's not over. I knew no one would figure it out so... You need to train dewgong until it learns surf then head east of Rising city. For the secret to activate you need to actually battle Saturn which occurs after the 2nd gym battle (that's where the demo ends) After you do so the secret activated allowing you to look for it. The secret is an event short and sweet, telling you to post a screen in the thread. Items like those you found are hidden in walls, mountains, cars so look out for them. How the game runs depends on your computer. It ran really slow on mine (just look at my errorlog, so many Hangup errors!). Glad you're enjoying the demo btw. You're on of the people I'm trying to impress :).
Woot~ xD I was a bit upset when I thought it was over, but I just got Surf a moment ago~ That made my day lol.

And I see about the Secret. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for it~ o3o

And btw, is the second gym in the second city? Or is that a much later sort of thing? XD