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Well I guess I'd better heal up at the Pokemon Center, eh?

I am?

I already did... didn't I?


Well he kind of forced it on me...

So... it's a battling egg... but it's also a flower? :\

I want to forget that accursed place forever!

That monster!

You could just heal it with the nurse over there... no need for that kind of language... :(

Well thank you stranger! :D

That's... a little off...

Yeah... I'm quite sure.

And you would imagine correctly, but you won't be seeing it.

I guess I'll talk to some of the other locals?

I heard that he's a cruel person who poisons Pokemon with no reason... :paranoid:

Aren't ninjas supposed to... y'know... kill people? That would involve aggressiveness, no?

Well good luck with that. :\

That's very judgmental of you. :surprised:

Ahh! What?

Isn't it always raining here? Like... always...?

Have you ever considered moving?

:\ What?

Okay then...


Because their murderous, and awesome?


That is... very odd. I think I'm going to leave now...

Ahh! Are you Baro in disguise!? :paranoid:

Odd place to build a house, sir... :\

Odd costume you have there.


You... you are a strange one.

Hence the name: "Impulsive Buyer"...

Sorry, I don't have the training. And I doubt anyone else in this region is sane enough to assist you with your problems.

Does it also work with Baro's?


I'd better buy some, just in case.


I don't recognize that punctuation...

Not by choice.

Not really.


And for years I thought that that was my mouth!

Oh... You didn't mean it literally.

I don't see a sing... just a sign...

Alrighty then...

Maybe this sign'll tell me where to find the sing?


Why are you staring at that wall?

Let's call it that...

They're drastically overrated.

Hi evil poisoner.

That doesn't make sense at all... not in the least...

Poison isn't the greatest of types, y'know...

Yeah, my murder squad needs blood! :rambo:


Oh, that creepy kid.

:\ Isn't that still a little young to be heading out alone?

You think he's old enough too!? What's wrong with this place!?

It's really not that difficult... for me at least. :)

How... how do you know my name...? Was it Baro...? :paranoid:

Okay... as long as I get a reward... I'd like a cookie, if you have one? I was promised one earlier, but didn't get it. :'(

Why can't he just take that Pokemon?

I bet it won't be good enough...


Why'd you say 'Steven colon' before that?

Chief? I think I'm more of a General. :badsmile:

That... is the tall grass.

That's an ugly mullet... Almost takes my mind off of the poorly designed Pokemon. Almost.

Wouldn't it be safer to keep the Pokemon out in case-

That's just poor planning right there, what if the ball doesn't work, huh?

Yay? :\

A could have done the same... probably better, too.

The idiot took none of my advice, where's my cookie?

And then he walked out of my life... hopefully forever.




I thank it's obvious that I don't.

I doubt it.

Well it is farther away from Baro...

I'll definitely defeat her easily. Bug Pokemon suck. :rambo:

Sounds... dark?


That evil poisoner forgot my cookie! Damnit!


I guess I'd better go catch myself one of those Larvly's...


Ha... Moron.

Thanks for the inspiration BlitZ.

Like I'd be seen carrying you around?

Why is the younger son's name on the mailbox/sign? :\

You must be horribly disappointed... :\


Deluded woman.

I might be... depends on who told you.

It was really pathetic, like your son.

I bet he can't.

Another point indicating that he can't.

You want your son to be an evil poisoner?

Well whatever, off for a little bit of old fashioned level grinding.



...and it goes on...

Maybe people will be more normal this way?

Wow. Just wow.

Aww... that's friendly of you.


Of course most of them are insane... or gardeners...

Oh god! Are you okay little girl?

What's wrong with you, crazy girl!?

Whatever... I will take you out. :rambo:

That pelican... is horribly disproportionate...

Feed TEH-PRO... feed on his pain...

And it's dead.

Whatever it is, I'm sure TEH-PRO can take it on.

:shocked: Does it have four eyes? Or does it only swim up against surfaces?

I guess it doesn't matter, since it is dead now.


But! You were just-! I saw you-!

Oh god! That is horrifying! :shocked:

That... that's what you're upset about? The fact that your parents left you alone on this horrid beach doesn't phase you at all?

Maybe another career would be the best solution?


That's really how the sentence ends...

That must be horribly depressing.

What are you doing here?

Huh!? Why do you need to fight me?

Whatever... it'll be easy enough.

Told you... took no time at all.

And I don't even care why you're here anymore... jerk.

That thing is so close to being cute!

And it's mine.

So... it has an arm on it's head?

Sucky name, I know.

Okay, time for my first double battle, let's see how well TEH-PRO and Yahtzee work together! :rambo:


Why would I care?

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! :(

Those are simply abominable... they must be destroyed.

One down, thanks to Yahtzee. :badsmile:

Yahtzee's on a killing spree!

I doubt it.

Err... am I supposed to care?

Punch her in the face then?

Not really any darker than Cloud Beach... I'm horribly disappointed. :(

Ooooooh... Ghosts... Scary. :\

Ghost trees?

Eastest tree? Is that a ghost tree too?

Wow... Cash Cow doesn't get any prettier after evolution, now does he?

Laughably easy.

God... you mean there's another horrible Cash Cow evolution I'll have to deal with!?

Be sure to post everyone, I really enjoy hearing your comments;also post some name ideas for Composcoon.

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