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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
oh I didn't know xse had that feature. then just make the script without the curse then hex edit (or other scripter not sure if other scripters have the same feature I never curse) and add your curse but I am giving you a word of advise. Dont curse XD
That was a joke... (but your advise is still morally correct^^)

I think the problem actually lies in the fact that there is no 'end' after 'trainerbattle' so XSE continues to decompile the data after the 'trainerbattle' which is most likely not a script and actually some other form of data. However, doesn't 'trainerbattle' end the script after the battle is over? Actually, there might be a certain type of 'trainerbattle' which continues the script afterwards but I haven't scripted a battle in ages. You should test out the script in-game and see if it works OK. If it does, then it doesn't matter what you get when you decompile the script.

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