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    Well, here's mine.

    You're a new Trainer in the region of Xelion. Xelion has been terrorized by a group called Night Followers who believe that the world has gone too far to be saved, and so, they are stealing Pokemon so they can go to another planet and watch as the one they left behind gets destroyed by the apocalypse. When you go to Beautisweet City, they pounce upon you for the first time. However, they get astounded by your battling abilities with your starter (either a Pikachu, Pachirisu or Elekid). A former Night Follower in Beautisweet tells you about a prophecy that a Trainer with the starter you chose will display amazing battling abilities and defeat the evil in Xelion.

    You decide to face the Gym Leaders, who are all either Night Followers or people looking to defeat them. One of the anti-NF Gym Leaders, Marionetta/Marion (gender depends on the player character's, if female, M's female, if male, M's male), decides to follow you around, and soon, you are the best of friends.

    Prof. Vatika, the Prof. who gave you the starter, will come and tell you about all she's learned about the Night Followers. M will react badly to the news that they converted the Xelion E4 to their cause, and wonders if the nightmare of the Night Followers will never end.

    Soon enough, M is abducted and you rescue him/her from the Night Followers. One of the NF Gym Leaders, Dorio, realizes that he went the wrong way, and helps you battle the Elite Four in the Xelion League. M tries to help when you reach the champ, Nightmare, also the leader of Night Followers, but is quickly silenced when Nightmare's Medimare (Fakemon) uses Psychic on him/her and pins him/her to the ground. He tells you that the only way to save M is to battle him and lose.

    You have to decide. When you win the battle without meaning to, he starts choking M with Constrict, but is suddenly stopped when Dorio's Electivire bursts in and faints his Medicham, freeing M. Officer Jenny bursts in and handcuffs Nightmare. He orders his admin, Surger, to battle with you.

    Surger is, in game terms, the true champion of the Xelion League. He has a powerful team, but your team proves to be the stronger team. With honor, Surger bows down to the new champion of Xelion, YOU, the prophesied one, as Nightmare is taken away, kicking and screaming.

    M decides he/she is happiest when he/she is traveling with you, and so gives up the position as Beautisweet's Gym Leader. All the other anti-NF Gym Leaders applaud his/her decision, and elect Surger as the new Beautisweet Gym Leader.

    So, happy ending. M's your rival, more or less, since he/she follows you around.

    All the cities and towns in order:

    Charmecoon Town (start here, "The Charming Little Town!")

    Ponyshroud Town ("The Town Shrouded With Ponyta!" First PC and PM here)

    Beautisweet City ("The Beautiful City of Sweetness", battle Marionetta/Marion here, and he/she starts following you)

    Creston City ("The Stormy City", Gym Leader: Winger, Night Follower)

    Nightshore Town ("The Night Shores Town", no Gym Leader, but plenty of Night Followers)

    Valiantfort City ("The Valiant City", Gym Leader: Dorio, secretly a Night Follower. Plenty of police)

    Hearthotel City ("A Hotel City for Broken Hearts", Gym Leader: Heart, anti-NF. Prof. meets up with you here)

    Mystica Town ("The Mystical and Mysterious Town", a little foggy here, Gym Leader: Mysteria, anti-NF)

    Legendroar City ("The Roaring City of Legends", full of Cool Trainers and Pokefans. PokeMart sells EVERYTHING, though. Gym Leader: Joey, NF)

    Ratstink Village ("The Non-Corrupt Village", ironically. People are corrupt here, and M hates it. Nightmare grew up here, too. Gym Leader: Leech, NF.)

    Meltpot City ("The Transdimensional Melting Pot of Xelion". Transdimensional because a lot of cameos FROM OTHER SHOWS and from THE POKEMON ANIME AND MANGA are here. M is drowning in happy here. More fangirly/fanboyish than happy. Gym Leader: Ritzy, anti-NF. She and M are cousins, so they're really fangirling or fanboying in Marion's case over the denizens of Meltpot. Cue sweatdrop.)

    Freeway Village ("Freedom for Xelion!" Battle the E4 and Nightmare here!)



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