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    Originally Posted by Zeikku™'
    And what's so good about 3D?
    A 3rd gen hack trying to look 4th gen entirely, doesn't work.
    He's being original by not trying to put in 4th gen tiles/ 3D looking tiles.
    If you wanted a 3D-esque hack, play a hack like Shiny Gold. Simple as!
    I like the Tiles Makes the hack seem like an official game!

    I have nothing against Shiny Gold I'm just saying, if all remakes were the same, would we even enjoy them as much as we do!

    @Zodiac: -
    Wow! Awesome, I thought you'd may consider porting the World Map from Fire Red. This is a pretty sweet remake, Everything looks very professional! As always, if you need help with graphics, just send a PM or something.
    Exactly Having 3D tiles on a game that's coded with 2D graphics will make it still 2D... No amount of tiles will change that, I think. I think having a Ruby game with all the Fire Red stuff is a challenge indeed.

    Hey Zeikku, thanks for the offer. I'll send you PM's or messenger you later, there's this backsprite of yours that I'm gonna use

    Originally Posted by Nicolas
    As stated above... I said "but that makes the hack less original"
    please read the whole post before you post any posts against what I'm trying to recommend.
    and FYI, it's just a recommendation
    Yeah, I understand. Thanks for your comments anyway. But I just don't agree with having those tiles will make the game more 3D... Okay, well maybe on the surface but not when you walk around with the overworld. If you wanna know more of my opinions VM me

    Originally Posted by Pokepal17

    OMG, this is my ideal hack except it's on Ruby >:O. Well, if it's Fire Red style I like it.

    This is probably the second best G/S/C remake I've ever seen. :3 Don't kill me, I liek Shiny Gold (:

    I have some advice for you. Firstly, I wouldn't recomment using those custom tiles from Zel, soley on the fact that they don't match the other tiles and don't lookk nice in those palettes.

    Secondly, your mapping. Try and use the other variety of Fire Red grass a little more. :3

    And thirdly, Please change some of the D/N palettes, since they look a little weird to me.

    Apart from that, good luck my friend!
    Thanks Pokepal17. Nah, it's okay, Shiny Gold's great.. I like it at first when Zel started off with Fire Red tiles but didn't after the change.
    1) Couldn't agree more!
    2) I'm disappointed with that too. Cause you know Ruby's major tileset isn't as large as Fire Red's and I've tried my best to fit in all the important tiles and couldn't get space for the grass. I've included them in Littleroot's tileset though - So some maps you'll find it and some you won't. I'll see what I can do about this in the future but if I can add more space for the tileset then everything will need to be remapped or something Oo
    3) I think it's mostly the afternoon palette but yes I'll do something sooner or later.
    Apart from that... Good day to you

    Originally Posted by 00m22
    nice game looks awesome what prgram you use to make cover
    What cover? I don't understand, could you be more specific?
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