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    Okay, so I went a little overboard this time, and it ended up with a whooping 11 pages.

    So, I'm dividing it into two posts.

    I'd like to thank to Feign for his advice on how to make this scene go through, and Sgt. Shock for his fic being such an inspiration to get the police stuff going.

    I'm also trying a new style using "" and Italics for thoughts. I figured it'll work better to not break the action with '-' to insert dialogue.


    Dark Days

    The situation is tough inside the S.S. Quest. After Seth, the security guard in charge of the hosts’ safety, found a leak in the ship’s hold, Rhyan, the ship’s owner, launched the alarm for evacuation. However, in such an unpredictable predicament, will everything end well?

    All of these… all of them… they’re all the same… all have kept me in here, hidden from the world… hidden from my own…
    The walls and the floor… they are but the same.
    I’ve seen many come by me. I’ve been to more than ten of them, and this is the only one where they kept me safe.
    No, not safe from me. I had to be safe from them.
    I’ve seen so many like me… some more successful than others. I’ve seen this odd haired guy, with a pale face… I’ve seen as much as an elder in his death years.

    But all failed to reach their goals.

    And now… it was my time. It was inevitable, I am aware of that.

    But still, this will not end here.

    I have been the boss of the most powerful, criminal organization in the world.
    I deserve more than this rotten cell. I deserve eternal power! I’m due to a rightful place in the history of the world!
    But no… those ignorant fools continue to tell me that I am insane.
    From someone, I learned that feelings are not important… from someone, I learned that your subordinates are important… from someone, I learned that power comes with responsibility… From me, all of them learned that my fist is more powerful than their words.

    “I deserve more than this putrid, sickening cell!”

    For long hours have I hollered my thoughts to these walls… and they, in return, remained quiet. They did not question my authority. Just like those I trained in my headquarters in Viridian…
    Why must I suffer like this? My only hope was to create the ultimate creature… Why must they impede me from having such an ambition?!
    Oh, but I know… Yes, do I know.
    One day, they will come for me…
    That day begins today…

    “Wake up, you.” A bundle of keys chimed on the iron bars following the grave voice of a security guard.
    The cell’s interior remained quiet. Not even a sound was heard.

    The sentinel took the keys and opened the cell, walking inside with the flashlight on.

    “It’s your lucky day, lunatic.” He snickered, pointing the light at a man lying down on a wooden desk. His hair was easily confused with the darkened background; it was a color as black as the night itself. It was kept impeccably well cut, a hairdo like those you only see in the army.

    His face was clear and still looked as young as when it entered that prison after attending ten other ones. In all of them, this man, who was nearly charged with the death penalty, was chased and nearly killed. A scar crossing his cheek told that exact same story.
    He had a solemn look upon him, now because of the flashlight’s glow.

    “Didn’t you just hear me? I said, WAKE UP!” The table trembled with the guard’s strength, nearly throwing the man off it. “Trial’s today! So get up, your misery around here’s ending today!”

    But even the guard’s furious personality shivered before the smile that appeared on the prisoner’s face.
    Slowly, the guard started walking backwards, closing the chamber again.

    “You’re not threatening anyone after tonight Giovanni…” It echoed through the jail rows. “Not after tonight you won’t!”


    ATTENTION ALL UNITS. INITIATING EVACUATION PROCESS. GATHER AT DECK.” A megaphone spelled chaos in the halls; the passengers burst into angry crowds attempting to reach the doors in the least time possible.

    Some trainers knew their way: it wasn’t outside; it was up, to the captain’s cabinet. However, very few of the totality of trainers aboard had that luck, and those who didn’t were part of the swarm making its way using brute strength.

    These massive concentrations were broken in a few spots, where a squad of men in black made their way through with ease, throwing whoever got in their path to the side.
    To these, everything they could see was a large, black blur running over them to accomplish their duties, even if it took some sacrifices.

    Unit One! We are in Hall Four!The communicator yelled as loud as the noisy walls of people coming by. “Report on situation, Unit One!

    “Major blockades in intersections with deck and Hall Five and Six!”

    Copy that, Unit One! Let’s go people, move MOVE!

    The unit beaconed to the rest of the squadron and infiltrated into the swarm with his other agents following suit to drive people off their paths.

    “Everyone keep calm, DANG IT!” Unit One cursed as he reached the wall with the intersection, preparing to pull the gun out and shoot a warning bullet.

    The protruding echo threw everyone to the ground in cries of fright, seeking for any wounds in their bodies after hearing a gunshot.


    Chief, cool it.” But the man wasn’t tolerating anyone, and threw the small communicator in his ear to the ground, shattering it into pieces.

    There ain’t no COOLING in here! You all either follow me or DIE [i]NOW!” [/I]The unit’s voice stood over even the voices on the lower levels of the ship. “You all are going CALMLY through this door behind me and MAKE a LINE into the life rafts – and don’t make me pull this gun from here or ya’ll be SORRY!

    The crowd immediately got up when the speech stopped and headed to the door under the chief’s raged glare.
    They didn’t even dare to look into the man’s face, which, just like the rest of the body, seemed to be made out of solely muscles; his neck’s veins were at the surface of his skin, and his scarlet visage kept the crowds in their place, even after they were outside.

    The chief ordered the other units to search the area for anyone who would have been left behind in the confusion. Not a whisper was heard, not even when the lights inside the hall suddenly went off. Before long, the crowd disappeared from the ship, and the halls suddenly became silent.

    That was when the four other units returned to near Unit One, running as fast as they could.

    “Empty, sir. We found some bodies… but…” The answer was the same for the four of them. Some even added that the rooms, where the trainers were supposed to be live for at least three days, were left upside down. …Three days. Was it asking too much to keep safety for three days?

    “Search the lower levels of the ship.” The four units instantly crossed the door behind the leader, leaving with urge in their voices as they whispered “Clear.” to the communicator.

    Unit One took a close look around, the last look before abandoning the ship. His work was done now. The others leaders would take his place in other levels.

    He spotted, very close to him, an emergency trigger. Breaking the glass with his gloved fist, he silently pressed the button.
    Nothing happened at first. Then, an annoyingly loud sound resonated inside the ship, establishing the ultimate state of emergency.

    No turning back.


    David wasn’t too sure about what had just happened, but he was sure that Pidgeot was going to be thoroughly handy in that situation.
    He stormed down the corridors in search for his room, wherever it was. He had to get his backpack, or his entire gear would be lost in the depths. If the situation reached a critical point, he knew he had Walrein to help him. He would be safe enough in any way.

    With that in mind, he ably dodged a wave of trainers coming from the deepest cabins, hiding to avoid being forced to exit the ship.

    “[b]You all either follow me or DIE [i]NOW!” [/I][/B]David leaped surprisingly high because the voice seemed as if it were right beside him, forcing him to duck and cover.

    He then realized the voice had come from far away, probably from the exits.
    Silence took the cabin and the hall, and steps were heard again, this time at a much slower pace.

    But he didn’t run out just yet, which guaranteed him to be hidden from an agent that suddenly bolted down the hall without even bothering to look inside his cabin.

    From the corner of his eye – and a gap in the door – David saw that the agent was bent on the ground, just by a body.
    His heart raced with the thought of having dead people in the halls. It wasn’t easy to bear the place anyone else could have taken.

    The thought distracted him for a moment, and he leapt again, gasping, when the unit suddenly got up and ran back again.
    “Search the lower levels of the ship.” He suddenly heard, and the steps’ sound dissipated, probably from the distance.
    He waited for a few moments. There was something that didn’t add up. How did so many people obey to that guy? Granted, it was a hard situation, they were more fragile.

    But to think all of this was just a rehearsal…

    His thoughts were once again interrupted by the clash of sound and vision. The siren unexpectedly rang in the higher levels of the ship, and David heard the exit’s steel door bang. It was it, he was now alone.

    Cautiously, David opened the door slightly more and peered to both sides. As the units would say,

    The trainer tried to run past the man on the ground without looking, but a morbid curiosity inside him forced David to look down.
    His nerves relaxed a bit when he realized it was nobody he knew. The man, probably falling in the category of hiker, judging from its fat body and backpack, was helplessly lying on the ground, his arms stretched towards the exit.

    David would have stopped looking at such horrid scenery, but something else caught his eye: a small ring, a metallic coat around the right index finger, more precisely. It didn’t even seem very natural to be there, as if it were out of its place.
    But David’s attention got back to his original task. To recover his backpack, no matter how close-fisted it seemed.

    Leaving the hiker lying on the floor behind him, David ran down the halls.
    He could see the chaos for himself, now. How everything was left upside-down and how chaotic every single room looked.
    Eventually, the trainer came to face something he didn’t want to. Stairways.

    He was entering a perfectly dark area, now. It was time to bring Ampharos out.

    He silently released the Pokémon and ordered it to use any move he could keep to illuminate his way. The Ampharos released a blinding light at first, but then decreased to a more tolerable glow. They began going down…

    The room’s kept going by, too… the same disorder in every corner.
    Occasionally, David would look down, but immediately regretted doing so after watching many trainers and butlers petrified on the ground, their insipid faces showing a never-ending suffering to reach for the exits.

    David gulped and carried on, though. Not only did he know it was inevitable, but he also knew there was nothing to do now. Only to be considered lucky in being able to escape such a painful destiny.

    His spirit momentarily rose when his room’s door, marked with 66 in solid gold, bold numbers. His door was open, though, but it didn’t matter much, as long as nothing had been stolen. In such a fuss, he hardly believed it.

    And there was nothing of value to take. Money, Pokégear, everything was with him.
    Ampharos went ahead, opening the door for its trainer, who entered afterwards.

    “Lucky me.” He commented upon seeing that his backpack was still underneath the bed. He promptly put it on his back, preparing to finally exit the room. Ampharos showed a smile and went ahead, illuminating both of their ways to the door.

    David took a quick glance back, though… the situation just seemed to call him to look out, towards the window. Through which’s glass he could see an infinite blue, fading into blackness… He also noticed that his roommate’s bag was still there, too. Could she be safe, or… No, he wouldn’t think about that. Not now.

    “Amph!” The Pokémon called from the exit, impatient to get out.

    “I’m coming.” David answered, nodding.

    He silently joined the Pokémon outside, and neither hesitated before walking away.

    “…wait…” A faint voice echoed in the darkness. “Please… wait for me…

    The voice was… weak, yet recognizable. It seemed so distant, as if whoever spoke was about to fall into a deep slumber…

    “Wait, Ampharos.” David suddenly halted.

    If there were survivors, he wouldn’t leave them behind.

    He patiently waited a little longer, the cracks above him causing some anxiety about how long it would take for that ship to snap into half.

    Is anyone… *cough*… still there…?

    “That way!” David pointed out in the opposite direction to the exit, running with Ampharos by him.
    They went past a large number of bodies, much larger than the previous found in other halls. The reason, he could not fathom. He knew but one thing: the survivor would not be left behind.


    Only few of the trainers, nimble between the masses, immediately rushed to the top floors of the ship, searching for the captain’s advice on what to do after taking flight. The more avid ones immediately took flight, and didn’t even bother to receive instructions on which direction to follow. For them it was sheer treasure hunt.

    Max, though, didn’t even head that way; with Ash in his hand, he jumped over the protective fences and released his Dragonite in midair to fall on its back and ready the flight. Gaining some altitude, the two stopped near the deck’s level, and Max stretched his hand to Ash.

    “We ain’t got all day! Jump already!” The other trainer, who stood in the edge of the ship, was confused about what to do. It seemed too sudden for him to just leave his friends behind, leave Pikachu behind, and, who knew, losing the three…

    “Listen, kid! This thing is about to sink like a rock! You want to die, fine! More space for someone else who actually cares for life!” With that, Max pat the dragon’s back and started to slowly fly away.

    Ash’s thoughts rushed as much as the decision had been: hasty. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, leaving his friends behind was too much to bear, but to die trying to find them seemed just as much.

    Would he be letting them down by thinking they weren’t smart enough to find a way out of the ship?

    “Listen, kid.” Max’s voice spoke up from above. To Ash’s surprise, the trainer was still in front of him. “If you wanna go and look for them, you’ll die trying. Not to mention you won’t make it to the lower levels. Not because of the water, but because there are guards everywhere. Would your friends want to know they’re alive and you died because you thought the contrary?”

    Crappy philosophy Ash thought, curling his fists.

    But this stance immediately disappeared when he was thrown against the wall, following the destructive power the water possessed and used to break the ship into half.

    The sudden cracking of the deck made most in the crowd fall backwards, helplessly flailing and sliding towards the water across the waxed surface.

    “Get him, Dragonite!” Max instinctively commanded, and Dragonite immediately obeyed, diving in the air to catch Ash with his hand just a few seconds before the latter fell in the water, recovering his height by narrowly gliding through the water.

    “Hang on, down there!” The trainer shouted, but Ash couldn’t hear.

    He wasn’t conscious. Not completely. His last sight was that of the sky, and the ship flying away as he dove into the darkness.
    Max had Dragonite make a u-turn, soaring above the seas as fast as he could.

    The trainer sighed; they had finally managed to get away from the ship.

    He didn’t know the ship was about to sink in the first place, but he was used to this kind of situation. Especially after having been carried to the harbor in Vermillion with a crazy driver, and he was used to fly away with Dragonite when times called for that.

    They were now above the rafts, high above from danger. From his point of view, the small boats seemed to be red dots in the middle of an endless blue sea, desperately rowing to escape succumbing to the deadly whirlpool the ship was about to cause.
    It breaking into halves was enough for a reason to get the hell out of there; fast.

    And now, he could only consider himself lucky to be safe, and consider the boy in his Dragonite’s claws even luckier for having been saved.

    He quickly met the other trainers flying with various Pidgeots and Staraptors, some even using Swellows, but those were curiously less. He was the center of attentions thanks to his Dragonite’s size compared to the other, smaller bird Pokémon, making its way through the middle of the group. Nobody complained, though: they just kept flying, some carrying other people on their backs, while others fled on their own, leaving the tragedy behind as fast as they could.

    And those in the rafts were curious enough to look up and feel jealousness; and fright as well. The Pokémon flew beyond the clear white clouds, disappearing from sight as they attempted to reach safe land.

    (Continues to part 2)
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