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    Originally Posted by countryemo
    This hack looks awesome, cant wait to try it, awesome fakemon
    Fakemon? Look carefully, there's no single fakemon here.

    Originally Posted by AztecFire
    But doesn't R/S/E have more tileset space?

    According to AdvanceMap, R/S/E tilesets have space for 512 tiles, while FR/LG only has space for 384 tiles. How are you running out of tile space, if you're using FR/LG tiles, meaning you should have at least 100+ free tile space?
    Fire Red uses 640 and R/S/E 512 in the major tileset. The tileset it self is small, don't believe me? Checkout unLZ in 1640 for Ruby and 1990 for Fire Red. So, Fire Red has more and Ruby less.
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