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    1. .Rebirth.+- heya Reb! which of the T10 are you, again?
    2. Apollo_Justice - harro dere puppy alt
    3. aurevesque+- Windy! me theme is done!
    4. chamo-chan - prolly dropped by coz we're in the same FC. or coz we were both having a convo with Windy at the same time.
    5. Crystal-Heart - i dont care what anyone else thinks, you still have teh awesome username
    6. LanceTheDark - who the torn world are you?
    7. NotchedEarPichu+- wh-what the-- YOU WERE ON?!?!?!?!? WHEN?!?!!?! *misses pair*
    8. Psychic Nick+- >.< ill watch RHPS soon, i promise!
    9. Silhouette - and who the torn world are YOU?
    10. x.Rayquaza.x - and who the torn world might YOU be?

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