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  1. 22sa+ World's biggest pervert.
  2. AllTimeLow1+ Hey there, AllTime
  3. Derozio+ Guy who has no patience
  4. Kazahaya+Green+Satoshi+ Hey Kaza
  5. Misty4Life+ My PC bestest buddy! At least leave me a VM saying you're sick, gosh! :[
  6. Natsu-kun+ Fairy Tail apologist
  7. Netto Azure+ Evil Moderator who never helps count
  8. Went+ Either you drop by often, or the same people views my page all the time, leaving you on my list xD
  9. xXI JOE IXx+ Guy who can't understand why I need to study.
  10. ~Momo Uchiha~+ Girl who needs to take things less seriously and have some skepticism.
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