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Originally Posted by Cirnos Servant View Post
Sought of sounds like an original Pokemon game with a few little twists, I like the idea though, I think you just need a few more things to just spark this game into life.

Good luck!
That was the main objective, stick to the old, Pokémon formula. Not nine million regions and fifty seven gyms.

Originally Posted by The Ominous Plains View Post
I like the sound of this hack, although, what makes it unique?
What gives it that extra "zing" that will compel people to play it?
The thrilling game play of course. :3

Originally Posted by SkyBlue View Post
Totally agree with Ominous Plains. You need to give it a little more, put some spice in it.
;) Wait and see.

Screen 1: Preview of a level script, that explains ongoings and where you need to go next.
Screen 2: Preview of the 'road block' event.
Screen 3: A preview of Atlantic Town, showing off the front hero OW frame.
Screen 4: Showing off the hero's trainer sprite.

Currently working on two more level scripts in Atlantic City, then going to start to work on Heathen Pass.