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    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    Damn! It supposed to work! Don't you guys ever read?!
    @SP: First of all, I read a lot, books and posts! I read everything in the first post, I did everything that was told there to fix the problem but it didn't work, okay? And I know it's supposed to work but for some reason it didn't. A lot of people have read the post and still have the same problems, so it isn't fair to say that all that have probs with the hack just haven't read the post!

    And it's called LIPS or Lunar IPS not IPS if he googles that he'll just get the patches!

    But anyways, the hack looks great! The plot has some similarities with B&W, but you can still read (xD) a nice not-copied plot with cool tiles and scripts! I usually don't like fakemons but the ones I saw in some Videos + screenies look awesome! I really wish to play this but I can't. That's not fair... :_:
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