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    Originally Posted by Lati-Fan95 View Post
    And it's called LIPS or Lunar IPS not IPS if he googles that he'll just get the patches!
    It's the same. Don't argue with me like that.

    Originally Posted by Lati-Fan95 View Post
    @SP: First of all, I read a lot, books and posts! I read everything in the first post, I did everything that was told there to fix the problem but it didn't work, okay? And I know it's supposed to work but for some reason it didn't. A lot of people have read the post and still have the same problems, so it isn't fair to say that all that have probs with the hack just haven't read the post!
    You can't fix, your problem.
    I did everything I can do to help you, dude.
    But all you get, is nothing.
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