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    Originally Posted by ZodiacDaGreat View Post
    Yeah... I missed and overlooked the question XD Sorry.

    Edit: A update screen.

    Currently looks exactly like Emerald's The width of the box is exactly same as Fire Red's and Emerald's but only the text position is different. I'd like to thank interdpth for motivation and loads of tips. ---
    Ooh. It's looking good.

    You should change the text to say GEAR instead of NAV. Of course it still would be for the nav, but it would be a nice little cosmetic change imo. =X
    I've done it before, it looks legit.

    Also, tbh, the Emerald flowers don't look that great imo. Maybe it's just the old color that looks odd. idk.

    ...and change the wooden sign on that house to a mailbox.
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