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That's really odd... I don't have a clue what could be causing that.

Sorry for the slightly longer wait everyone, but this update is rather large, I hope you all enjoy it, though.

First, let's take a look at our team so far:

Yahtzee, the Murderlicious Queen of Death

TEH-PRO, the Professionally Angry Egg-Flower-Thing

... and UNHOLYbear, the... Unholy Bear... *shudder*

(Oh! And Justin, the Item Slave!)

Hey... look at all of these lovely berries...

...and now they're gone.

No we don't. :P

No I don't.

I won't... because I don't respect it.


You shouldn't believe it, crazy lady.

I heard you. Am I going to do it though?





Well that... that's to be expected in Corna, now isn't it?

Hi Rose, my name is-

I'm starting to get scared...

I also think it's nice. :D

Nah, I'm good...

Ahhhh!!! Okay, okay! I'll let you tell me about the darn flowers!

Yeah... :nervous:


Oh my!


That's interesting!

Not really... It's just basic biology, any five-year-old knows that... (At least they do where I come from. :\)

Nah... I prefer stripping the land of all berries without any thought to the ecological repercussions.

Free stuff time!

Woohoo... a berry...

Yippee... an item I'll never use...

Phew... I sure am glad I'm out of there... stupid gardeners with language problems are not my cup of tea.

Couldn't I just climb over it? Or maybe just slip by...? It is just one tree.



Well I guess I have to move on then, don't I?

My gardener-sense is tingling...

Told you.

Not me.


And am I supposed to care?

Why do all of Corna's gardeners assume I lack a basic understanding of biology?

Wow, you're quite portly, sir.



I hate it when people do this... :(

Thank you crazy person!

Nah... I think I'll just-

-do this.

... Nah... I think I'll just buy them from authorized dealers.

One Babos in this world is too much already! It must be destroyed!

That definitely doesn't belong this early in the game...

But it didn't help much, now did it?


For the third time, no!

Yes, yes you did.

Another entrance to the forest, maybe?


But, yay!

Dare I walk into the tall grass, and see what abominations dwell here?

I dare.

I am disappointed...

They still give decent experience, though.

Time to move on, I guess...


This is what you get when you mess with UNHOLYbear... it ain't pretty.

So... you mean that UNHOLYbear can only ram herself into you three more times before it becomes physically impossible?


Well, whatever, what right do I have to question the laws of this universe...

I guess TEH-PRO goes first then...



Apparently not much, with that fractured English of yours...


You may be asking yourself, "Yuoaman, why are you fighting a flying type with a grass type?" Well... the answer is... because TEH-PRO can.


That you did not.

I just might have some words with your teacher, he just can't be qualified.

Well... we've arrived.

Ah, I'm finally here, I guess it's time to-




Y'know what, let's just not question it. At least the sun's out now...

Let's check out Pinkranite...

He is?

Well that's... nice?

I... don't know who that is, not a clue.



Well that's just great.

Is she? I didn't see her when I was back there...


Nice save there, buddy.

Into the box o' rejects they go.

I think I've figured that out on my own.

Wow... great school system... and what is this 'WC' everyone is talking about?

I'm pretty sure he has Cut, I guess I'll go buy it off of him?


So you're saying you want to be a troll?

Why are you whispering, sir?

Is it because you whisper all the time so creepily?

Oh, I see... It's because you're a DIRTY ROTTEN LIAR!

Why does everyone have a sign in front of their house? It just seems off...

Wouldn't that be land-sick? Or maybe it's an inner-ear thing?

Why would you want to massage your father's back?

That's a lie... I'm dreadfully depressed.

Har har... A pirate pun.

I'm a bathroom sailor?

And you hold that as a treasured memory to this day!?

You sick pedophile...

No, I'm not! No, I'm not!

I feel dirty...

This doesn't make up for what just happened...

I'm a pond sailor now? I though I sailed bathrooms?

Except it's not rewritable... not at all.

I don't understand...


I'm neeever coming back...

:\ I didn't say anything...

I don't think anything, you're paranoid.

Well... there's a house on this roof, you could live there?

Okaaay then...

Might as well check what's in here while I'm on the roof.

Perhaps... if you make it worth my while...?



I gathered that much from what your wife said.

It could evolve to give off even more power?

Yay! A near-useless item!

This building has oddly positioned windows...

Yep... it's one floor...


Well, I'd assume you would have to feed it occasionally...


I don't know what either of those are...

I don't care.

I've only met the one.

I don't understand...

I'm guessing this is a warehouse?

Nope... an apartment building... somehow...

Yeah, some Russian businessman tried to steal a Ghost Scope that doesn't work...



Are you?



That's not a nice way to refer to your students...

I know, I read the sign.

:\ That's not the correct acronym...

...That the acronym is totally wrong?


I don't understand... But I think it's nice of you. :D

Horde? I wonder if the Pokemon are better looking there?

I know.

To get an education?

Oh reach for the sky, girl!

Sir, I'm not one of your students, I-


:\ I guess a 'yay' is in order?

:shocked: You're mean. You must've written the sign.

I'm not talking with you anymore, you mean person.

Yes... that man seriously just said "LOL"...

I doubt there is anything I can do to help these people at this time... maybe someday...

Not really...

I can.

Well isn't that nice?

I guess I'll do a little more exploring before I head into the gym.


I'm still confused by "macro-him"...

Sure, why not.

Not a bit.

No, not really...

... I don't have a clue.

Ah... the fabled Ba-Chan corp.

"Not a Ghost Scope though", it should say.

I see that.

But... you turned to talk to me...

"Greenie Cave"? Are you kidding me?

That's responsible of you, I guess...

Well, that's all of Pinkranite, I guess it's GYM TIME!

It really isn't that far, sir.

I saw no elevator...




:\ Yes... he just referenced the fact that he is in a game... :\

Finally! A challenge!

My name is-

How so, mind reader?

The "Advicer"?

-a type matching chart?


Umm... I think it looks like a-

Darn... he's starting a one-sided conversation...

It said Bug on the sign...

I knew that before...

Knew that too...

Okay, but I'm doing it because I want to... not because you told me to.

Finally! Time to challenge the gym!

Alright then, I hope you all enjoyed this update, I'll be challenging the gym for the next update!

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