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Pokemon following character v3.1 is out.
It is the Final version, working on install guide, you can download it and use as a base. Haven't test with near May 7th version of starter kit
Don't use it if you can't understand how it work.



Changes log:


V3.0.5 Beta:
  • Fix Surf bugs when don't have Pokemon
  • Fix new game bug

V3.0.4 Beta:
  • Fix Surf bugs
  • Basic control the following pokemon

V3.0.3 Beta:
  • Fix HM bugs
  • Walking make Pokemon happier
  • Fix wrong Pokemon name
  • Fix menu appear everytime open Pokemon screen

V3.0.2 Beta:
  • Add Pokemon following menu
  • Update talk to Pokemon
  • Update change sprite when fainted
  • Fix stop suft bug

V3.0.1 Beta:
  • Fix Pokemon party scene
  • Fix add/remove Pokemon bugs
  • Change emo [ . ][ .. ][ ... ][-_-], still not moving but you can edit it like you want
  • Change sprite when Pokemon fainted
V3.0 Beta:
  • Totally new script
  • Water Pokemon can surf and dive with you
  • Support shiny Pokemon

Working on:
  • Pokemon jump over event
  • Get item from following Pokemon
  • Pokemon following can run
  • Map connection bug
  • Control the the following Pokemon
  • Can't suft with dependent event
  • Walking will make your Pokemon happier
  • Animated menu to show you what is the curent Pokemon
  • Change sprite when fainted
  • "Pokemon" seem happy/not happy, ...