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I hope you guys enjoy my stay in the Pinkranite Gym, I sure as hell didn't...

I can't wait to battle the leader! I'm sure it'll be a great challenge, and-


What sort of disease of the brain does she have?

That won't help you Cricoon.

I love critical hits...


You don't know what you've gotten yourself into...

Told y-




You... you're still asleep...

Your unnamed items couldn't save you.

Well... moving on then.


Oh god, he's going to flash me!

Oh, that makes sense. Might actually be uglier than what I was preparing for.

Could somebody explain how a sound misses?

Serenade him sweetly, UNHOLYbear!

My abomination against nature is stronger than your worm.

I could.



I know, there was a sign outside...


Because they are! :D

No... I'm quite sure that insects rely almost entirely on instict

I don't need to be smart... I have a type-chart!

As would I.

Oh... I was hoping to see something new... not another sperm.

Make the sperm love you UNHOLYbear!


Double damn.

I guess Yahtzee's up now!






You didn't see what happened to your buddy? *sigh* I guess it's time to-



:O I thought this was a Bug-type Gym!

This should be easy.

Unless you're half Rock-type...


Okay... my team's dead, TRY NUMBER TWO!

-htzee used Wing Attack!

I love Critical hits... so very much.

Justin sacrificed himself so I could-

-heal up UNHOLYbear.

This never gets easier to look at. :(

That doesn't get easier, either.

This isn't so bad...

Uh-oh... I have a bad feeling about-

-this... Damn.

It's obvious how this turned out...

No comment.

I guess I have to go fight her again... *sigh*

Well here we are...

Let's try a slightly different strategy... I'll Attract him first, in case he wakes up.

Sleep, ugly Steel-Bug-thing...

Please... stay asleep.

I told you! Stay asleep!


-Several (Ten minutes worth) of turns pass, wherein I lower his defense to the lowest possible and take a small chunk of damage out him-

Then this happens. :(

Have I told you how much I love Critical hits?


Not really. :(

Yes I am.

Baro likes acronyms. (BLA)

I'd prefer a badge, please. :\

Thank you, I didn't feel like dragging you around.


That doesn't relate to what you said... not in the least.

I knew that, my question is "Why?".

Is it a cookie!? I was promised a cookie a while ago, and still haven't gotten one... :'(


The hell? That's a Rock-type move...

If I ever see one of those I will be sure to murder it violently, all thanks to you.

Does everyone in this region think that I'm an idiot? I've already used a TM before...

Well. I didn't want to be in it anyways, meanie-pants! :'(

It was, wasn't it? :rambo:

I... guess?

I should hope I do, unless that girl cheated me...

No... thanks to my type-chart... and Critical hits...

No we aren't. I would not appreciate you stalking me "Advicer", IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME!

Well, now that that unpleasantness is over, I can head back and find the witch, I guess.

I hope you enjoyed the read everyone, that gym was harder than I thought... a lot harder... Stupid unexpected types...

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