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For Electrode , yea .

Nintenod and Game Freak made it goo adn awesome in some sprites . I congratulate him for having a good Green Sprite and surviving the Bad Sprites Virus .

And because A Furret talked about Vilepulme , here are his sprites :

RB :
Oh yeah . Proud of myself lol .

G :
Not way too different , but has a bigger flower on her head .

Y :
This IS a bad sprite . Since WHEN is Vileplume all RED ??

G :
Awww it looks so cute . Also notice it has a pretty lighter colour on a part of her body .

S : You really wanna rip off your flower ?

C : It looks alright with her head moving . This sprite is nor good nor bad .

RS : Huh ? Where is your colour scheme ? -___-

FRLG : Nintendo saved the original colours here , even tough not too much .

E : Yep . Bad because it got its light colours back and jumps boringly . -________-

DPPt : Now now... Your head is too heavy , right ?

HGSS : It looks ... (whatever) . Anyaways , why is it holding his hand in front ?

These they are . Also as a question , what about discussing shiny sprites ?
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