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Originally Posted by jeffrey0159 View Post
hmmm.....i think i'm stuck.
i got three badges, and get the HM strength, but it still says that a badge is needed for uesing it.
but i can't get to the next gym there's a place in Mt Mortar that you need the way i beat Jasmine and got iron tail.
according to the top, the next gym is Morty's....but i have no idea where it is!!!

oh, i think that the next city is Ecruteak, not very sure though, since this is where Morty's gym was before......
yeah next you need to go through mt. mortar to ecruteak.
beat morty there and he'll give you surf which you can use to get to red gyarados.
then lance appears in lake of rage and you need to beat the rockets again and that way gain access to mahogany gym.
after beating the gym leader there you can use strenght and then you need to return to mt. mortar.
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