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@Pokéstorm: Ok, I'll take that into consideration

@Wind Gale: Oh well, I still may get third if one more person votes for me And I'll also take that into consideration.

@Muramasu: Thanks and I'll update when I can.

@Holiday: Well in fact I haven't even revealed the full storyline yet as I want to keep that part a secret for now, untill I release the demo.

@Ty 101: Good to here, but:

Sadly no update today as I can't take any screenshots due to an error I haven't been able to fix. Also, if you didn't know, we now have a spriter! He's Godlytion and is spriting for Pokemon Special adventure as well if you would like to see his work. I thought that he'd have finished some sprites by today but I think we live in different time zones.

Probably will have the updates tommorow btw

Demo Beta out Now!