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    Originally Posted by jcsnider View Post
    Wow, 2 errors?


    @Peeky: This updater is old and I am in the process of making a new one but for this bug, it seems like it did update, but your computer 1, can't find the game file, 2, cant extract the compressed update, or 3 cannot find the update file... it does seems like it just cant find the game file. So, check C:\Program Files\Pokemon Neon and try to run game.exe OR, try running the updater as administrator...

    @Variety: You 1, do not have .net framework installed or you are using windows 7 and it is blocking it... You can try running as admin but I dont think it will help...

    For both of you, if that dosnt work, try the updater ByPass method...
    Um, I have .net framework 2.0