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    Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
    I wasn't saying you were copying anyone. I just thought that this seemed a hell of a lot like some other hacks, not in the sense that you stole ideas or anything but more that it seems like the same type of hack. Nothing unoriginal just...not what I was expecting from somebody like yourself. Which can be a good thing
    All I am saying is that this has potential but it needs work (though that's certainly applicable to almost every hack out there). Obviously you're just beginning (that or you're just not showing us much). It'll be interesting to watch this hack as it develops.
    I disagree- I have seen many people attempting to make a hack rivaling one made by Nintendo, but I have not yet seen a hack that can fully develop and finish the Pokemon storyline like Nintendo. So yeah, the idea's been thought of before, but it has never actually been done. Even hacks like rijon adventures were flawed- I have yet to see a thrid generation hack with the evil team/gym leader storyline that is fully completed and not a remake

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