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    Originally Posted by ZERO END View Post
    I feel your game is good especially the graphic!
    Originally Posted by ultron90 View Post
    hey, I just realized that i didnt receive my PokePrism from Prof. Oak after he gave it to me. Is that a bug or something?
    You actually get it from thomas not Oak but I guess you've figured that out yourself/
    EDIT: Nevermind. I received it. My bad.
    Originally Posted by superclaw View Post
    Well i've beaten Saturn, and I've explored what i think is everything possible, and found that theres Lapras blocking everything, or in one case, a person. Wonder where the secret is hiding...
    wanna give a hint?
    EDI:are you planning on having the hero get his pokemon back from the ship or are they gone forever?

    I do plan to reunite the player with his/her Pokemon but much later in the game. Well now that you've founf the secret we just have to wait for someone else to but for those who've played the demo it shouldn't be that hard to figure out where this is. Once we have both winner you'll both provide a description for your character and you'll both be a Ranger Board poster (quest Poster).

    Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
    I have to say, your tiles are really good! Could you possiby do an waterautotile? I don't mind if you want to kepp it private, but if you don't mind I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks but My water tile is too big to be made into an autotile, and I'm sorry to say it's not public.

    Originally Posted by VarietyVidsnet View Post
    Um, I just have a quick question. How do you get the entire DP player base on there? Mine glitches up when I try to do the full thing. Could you PM me and possibly help me?
    Easy.I just edited the scripts in pokebattle actualscene that controls the postion of playerbase.

    Originally Posted by HeavyOctillery View Post
    How do I go about putting the userbar in my sig? there's no URL code...

    I'll dl the demo once I'm done with Raptor (so I have the time).

    I really like the remixed music I heard on one of those videos. Who does it? Whoever it is, he/she is damn good.
    Oh sorry I'll add an url code right now. Glad to hear you'll be playing the demo. Megiddo does most of our music btw. It's great right?

    Alright so not much has been going on with Ryen but I have been working on new tiles for a new city. The tiles are based of Goldenrod City tiles so look foward to them. Here's a sneak peak of what I have done so far (not an actual map just a compilation of the tiles)

    Well that's it for now. Next time I'll be sharing images of the new Florafoli Town (the Town lying by the Volcanic Islands). It still follows the same layout but it's redone to follow my new mapping style.

    Till next time!
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