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    Title: Pokémon: The Forlorn Saga

    Story: You start in a new island region not unlike the Sevii and Orange islands. The protagonist, based off TCG character or Macey depending on gender, has just graduated from the Pokémon Academy at the age of 14 and is ready to take on the Island League with their newly obtained Eevee...

    But then something happens involving the new branch of Team Rocket. Now you must get your revenge against the team with your Ghost Eevee evolution. You gain information and resources as a Pokémon Mercenary and fight to gain your humanity. A certain legendary Pokémon has its own plans for you, however.

    -Island Region as well as possible trips to existing areas in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.
    -A regional Pokédex for the islands including the native Pokémon.
    -An adventure that differs from the traditional 8 gym format.
    -A new evolution for Eevee.
    -A darker story involving Team Rocket and the mystery behind Ghost Pokémon.
    -Protagonists based off characters you may just remember, but never got much attention.

    How’s that sound? Suggestions and ideas?