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1) Thanks but can u post for ruby as well as im hacking ruby
(tried to search on emerald basis in ruby but no luck)

In Emerald: go to Route 121 and use the warp there to enter the Safari Zone gatehouse (23.0). There should be one green square labeled 'S' inside which you should decompile. Search the document for 0x1F4 and replace any instance of it with your new value (remember to convert to hex!).

How do i wrap to a position there isnt any wrap command given in script of 3 persons in safari zone entrance

2) Instead of creating a different script,isn't there any method so that instead of birch giving
regional dex he gives national dex( I mean any specials like there is one in firered) in ruby game

If there is no other way can anyone tell me

Can i put the 4 lines
writebytetooffset 0x2 0x2026B00
writebytetooffset 0x3 0x2026B01
writebytetooffset 0xDA 0x2024EBE
writebytetooffset 0x67 0x2026A5A
just after the one flag for shoes(in moms script ) is set

The thing is if a edit the script and insert the 4 lines i dont get option to save
all i get is save as option which saves the script as rbc,rbh etc
How Im suppose to edit the script
pls help