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Originally Posted by Black Goat View Post
still not working =/
this is the script
I'm using PKSV to generate the scripts if thats any help...

#dyn 0x740000
#org @start
checkflag 0x200
if 0x1 jump @end
setflag 0x828
setflag FR_POKEMON
compare LASTRESULT 6
if == jump @noroom
addpokemon EEVEE 0x5 QUICKCLAW 0 0 0
setflag 0x200
storepokemon 0 EEVEE
fanfare 0x101
msgbox @get-msg
callstd 0x4

#org @end

#org @noroom
msgbox @noroom-msg
callstd 0x6

#org @noroom-msg
= You don't have enough room in your party.

#org @get-msg
= You got a \v\h02!
If you used XSE, I'd help you...
But I can tell you now, the flag NEVER EVER EVER goes before the dyn...I don't use PKSV, but looking at this script I can tell that dyn is the dynamic offset... well, that is ALWAYS the first thing in a script. NEVER EVER put a flag before it because it won't even do anything...
In any case, I don't use PKSV, and I dunno if this counts for anything, butI don't think you can do a jump to :end, since it isn't an offset, it is a command... I might not use PKSV, but I can at least help by fixing it to the best of my abilities...
Hope I could help... Also, be sure to set the person's 2nd Unknown setting (in A-map, just below the X/Y pos boxes...) to 03... 2nd Unknown to 03, okay?
This SHOULD work, though I don't use PKSV as I've said before, so I'm not quite sure.

PS, I edited your script in the quote, try it out
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