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    Ok I'm trying to make a script where the player can move during it. (To be more precise where a sprite follows you). I am only one step away from success.

    I can't let the player move until the end command. I have tried all manner of level scripts etc.

    Here is a test. I wan't to be able to move during the script so for about 3 secs during the pauses. (Whole script)


    #org 0x803B16
    pause 0x30
    spriteinvisible 0xFF 0xE 0xC
    pause 0x30
    spritevisible 0xFF 0xE 0xC

    please tell me how to let the player move during execution.
    I like your enthusiasm, but you can not make a script like this. (I assume you are trying to make a Pikachu following kind of script)
    I've tried, and I made one, but it was impossible to manage, as you can't have a sprite follow you from map to map... You can not move while the "Pause" is going...

    This can't possibly be the whole script, but I have a feeling you are NOT one step awway from success... Sorry to burst your bubble...
    You can not do anything while the command "pause" is running. Sorry.
    Umm... OK

    Back to bubble bursting...This is not my follow me script I have one it just isn't posted.

    That was actually just a test to see if I could move during a script.

    Ok so you can't move during PAUSE but is there any other time you can move.

    Not sure if it's special or ASM but the safari zone seems to know how to do this. (I have decompiled the safari zone completely in XSE, all level scripts, tiles, people etc.)