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Originally Posted by Alucus_Of_Borg View Post
What you need is to go and post in the recruitment thread mate, theres more chance of you getting someone to help in there.
Originally Posted by Xaviar View Post
Your only idea is a moderator badge? How about storyline, features, ANYTHING!? If you don't give people ideas to work off of, how is anyone supposed to help you? Do a bunch of cats run around killing each other over a limited supply of catnip? What about upgradable claws and special armor? Are magic skills included? Or is this just what it sounds like, a field of grass filled with cats grooming themselves and coughing up hairballs?

By the way, that badge needs work.
I know.

Dude, chill this is a game being made by a 10 year old!
I do have more ideas thats the only test-finished one.
And this is a KIDS game I won't have killing!
"By the way, that badge needs work." it's the test-finished version! Not finished and it was drawn at first and hand drawn by a 10 year old and hand-coloured by a 10 year old you expect it too be perfect now?
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