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Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
It isn't usually reccomended to let the player have control while a script is running, but is easy, just don't include a lock at the beginning of the script...
'lock' only prevents the person event that the player is talking to from moving (and similarly 'lockall' prevents all NPCs on the map from moving). It has nothing to do with the player.

Originally Posted by H2O Turquoise View Post
I got a question...

In Baro's hack, Pokemon Marble I've seen an "infinite stairs" script.
Anyone care to lighten me up?
I haven't played much of Marble but I remember a long time ago I saw someone asking about this and I believe that the answer was that Baro set the connection at the top of the map so that it linked to the same map but at the southern entrance.

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