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1. who the torn world are you? (whats a famous pc-er like you doing on me profile? O.O)
2. WHERED YOU GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?????????????????????????
3. first time youve popped up on this list in a while ;b
4. T.T why are you never online anymoar?????? T.T *misses pair*
5. i havent talked to you in a while... ill watch RHPS soon, i promise!
6. whats the infamous TOA zombie doing on me profile?
7. i was just thinking you havent shown in a while. why didnt you drop me a VM?
8. T.T whats with all me friends who never show up anymore???? i miss throwing pillows at you!
9. UNCLE! UNCLE! I GIVE! YOU WIN! *shot for lame pun* show up more... post in WOFZ...
10. feel free to drop a VM anytime (not sure why you visited...)

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