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    For anyone who's interested, I've an update! I don't put everything I've done up because I don't want to just give everything away. So here's some news and new content. Florio has joined the team to do some mapping for Rogue.


    I've finished the map of the Haiden reigion, with a custom style that combines the Diamond/Pearl style with my own ideas.


    Two New Characters

    Default Name: Calder

    Age: 16
    Personality -
    Calder displays a seemingly emotionless attitude caused by his childhood. His goals are mysterious, often mixing with his own personal ambitions and his ties with Solum Juvenis
    Background -
    The unknown teen from Solum Juvenis. He grew up being trained for what was seen as his destiny, and that training has left him at what he is today.

    Desert Hawk Leader/7th Gym Leader

    Age: 46
    Personality -
    Gallen is a caring leader who is like a father figure to the small mercenary group called Desert Hawk. He cares very
    much for everyone under him in Desert Hawk, but is willing to do what he has to do outside of it to keep every as happy and as safe as possible.
    Background -
    Gallen took over as leader of Desert Hawk at age 18. He was a relatively
    effective leader, and Desert Hawk grew slowly. During this time he became a gym leader. He used that gym as a base of operations for missions away from the
    main Desert Hawk Complex,He had a care free attitude until he decided to take the job that resulted in the Reef Isles Tragedy. The event
    hurt him a lot and he's done everything he's can to protect Desert Hawk since, starting when he decided to adopt the orphaned player character.


    Thats it for today. Anyone who wants to join is free to PM me with the application in the original post. I would also like some constructive criticism if anyone can give it.

    For my next update I'm considering making a video.
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