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Originally Posted by Jirachi-Fan View Post
I laughed so hard at that part: The only place they belong, is at the McDonalds.
So epic xDD

Great hack anyways =]
Keep it up

Originally Posted by Moon_Blitz View Post
Excellent hack, although I found a few glitches.

- There is a talking Pokeball on Route 1. I assume it's supposed to be an item, but whenever I go up to it, I get the after-battle script for one of the trainers on the Route.
- The girl on Route 3 sends out two lv. 16 Eevees in battle, even though she one has one Pokeball. Both of the Eevees can attack and receive damage, but the battle ends after one of them faints.

This isn't a glitch, but a suggestion. I was forced to faint the Totodile due to running out of Pokeballs (had 7, couldn't capture it), so could you put a script in so that if you faint it, you can encounter the Pokemon again? Maybe put a "Totodile fled" bit in if you faint it in battle. Or maybe have Silver pick up a Great Ball to make capturing Totodile easier. I want the Totodile, and was mildly upset when I couldn't battle it again.
I know about all the glitches already, I just don't fix them because they're minor and why release a bug patch for them? As for your suggestion, well you have two options:

1. Start the hack over.
2. Wait until hack is progressed so that you can release all the captured Totodile.

Originally Posted by simadons View Post
I have been playing this game for a good amount of time and its great so far. Took me a bit to find out how to jump down in the cave... I am curtly hung up at route one by the bridge with the old man and his glasses. I have tried looking for them and see to be missing something... searching the ground is kinda hard since I am playing it on my Cell Phone, a Droid Eris. ><

Also, like Moon Blitz said, there is a talking pokeball off route one, when you go under the bridge.

I'd like to note that so far, Route One is well set up. Each battle progress my Pokemon in level. :D
Droid Eris huh.. pretty nice phone.

The glasses should be at the lower right hand corner where team knox grunts are. Interact with them, and try to pass the bridge again