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    Pokemon - Echoes

    What is Pokemon Echoes?
    Pokemon Echoes is an epic pokemon game that will have you on the edge of your seats

    Long ago, a pokemon called arceus was rumoured to have create the universe
    it created two pokemon, dialga and palkia, to rule over space and time
    it then created three more, uxie, mesprit and azelf
    From there life was born


    Arceus never really created the universe - instead it was born with the abillity to manipulate it
    Arceus created 5 pokemon
    Uxie - the giver of knowledge
    Azelf - the giver of willpower
    Mesprit - the giver of emotion
    Dialga manipulated the flow of time
    while palkia manipulated space
    Palkia created the planets, and to make one planet able to hold life, it created five more beings
    Groudon, which had the abillity to shift continents and mountains
    Groudon created 3 more being to semi-control the planets surface -
    Regirock - the rock pokemon
    Registeel - The steel pokemon
    Regice - the ice pokemon
    Kyogre, Which had the abillities to create sea's and giant waves
    Rayquazza, which had the abillity to contol the weather and stop these two pokemon from fighting
    Heatran, which controlled the volcanic qualities of the planet
    And finally mew, which had the abillity to create life
    Mew created two more pokemon - Ho-oh and Lugia
    these pokemon ruled the skies but were never truly at peace
    Dominance was needed - and ho-oh and lugia both requested soldiers
    Lugia got his request answered first - and 3 pokemon were born to work for him
    these pokemon were moltres, the fire bird, zapdos, the electric bird, and articuno, the ice bird
    But this majorly upset the balance, and so ho-oh had 3 pokemon born to work for him
    the 3 pokemon created were entei, the fire dog, suicuine, the water dog, and raikou, the lightning dog
    However, when palkia rechecked he was very disappointed - mew had not kept everything in balance and order
    So palkia created one more pokemon - Mewtwo, mewtwo was the being of destruction and death - Born to balance out mew
    But Dialga had seen too much, he knew something had to be done - and to avoid being the one recognised as doing what he did, he
    created celebi - unfortunately - celebi was not as obedient as dialga wanted and didnt reverse time - instead he fast forwarded
    time. in the future, 2 more pokemon were created - latios and latias - they were born to watch over a race called "the humans"
    Unfortunately, latios and latias got sucked into the past when celebi time jumped once again. this time jump opened a rift in
    space and time, and a lone meteor came out, crashing onto the planets surface - and a sole shapeshifting pokemon emerged - nothing
    had being seen like it before - so most of the legendnary creators guessed it came from the future.
    Arceus didnt see balance - nothing was happening. so he created four more pokemon
    Giratina - the pokemon of chaos
    Darkrai - the pokemon of darkness
    Shaymin - the pokemon of nature
    And regigias - To Take control of the regi's and rebalance the power between kyogre and groudon
    Not long after, a war had waged, lands were raised, plains were flooded, and so the planet was finally created, yet it was never
    Truly stable
    However - mew had one last trick up his sleeve - he created lots more weaker pokemon and a new lifeform - Humanity.
    Humanity was a race that enjoyed power and intelligence - however - humanity needed to balance itself out between the evil and
    the good, and so jirachi was born, jirachi allowed one human to make one wish every 1000 years. unfortunately, 5000 years ago jirachi fell into the hands of a team which wished for eternal life, the team was granted it, 1000 years later, they captured jirachi, and made a wish which was never spoken of again that night - tsunami's rolled the land, time froze, Cataclysmic meteorites hit the earth, Mountains rose, Lakes dried out, Darkness engulfed the land - the legendnary pokemon went into a cataclysmic battle - and have done so every 1000 years.

    You, are a 15 year old boy who lives in what used to once be the region of kanto, which has being changed into a series of wastelands, marshes, volcanic areas and much more.
    it has being one thousand years since the last cataclysmic battle, but you wake up, do your normal chores, go outside, save professer willow, get dragged back to the pokemon lab, get given the pokemon you chose and also get given a pokedex to register the pokemon into it.

    However, as you journey across the region of (i dont know if i should change the name or keep it as kanto) you battle gym's, after you beat the elite 4 campaign (it'll be easier because
    it isnt the bulk of the game) in the outlands (desert) you come across a team called team chaos, muttering something about a "Legendnary pokemon" and "1000 years" and "Capture". they then walk of into the distance and you decide to follow them, upon so you stumble
    upon jirachi, you are then knocked out, and wake up later. you decide to investigate whats going on, you eventually chase them into a forest, in which you meet celebi which rewinds time.
    you land right in front of Red, who then challenges you to a battle, if you win, you get a prize, if you lose you are sent to the nearest pokemon center, however, you continue on in the region of OLD kanto, beating the 8 gym's there, and chasing team chaos while you are at it. before you beat lt.surge, you board the ss.anne, as if following ash's footsteps, however this
    time it is much harder. however, as you are about to get off the ship you are hit by a rogue wave.

    You get off the boat, and then run down stream and have a battle with kyogre (it is capturable), if you knock it out or capture it you are then greeted by team chaos members, and a chaos co-admin
    anyways, you beat the team chaos members and then they flee, but as they do another rift opens, sucking you into a distant future

    More to come, wayyyyyyyyy more.

    Please tell me what you think so far, and what you think i should edit
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