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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

So it works with FireRed as well? I never knew, though I shouldn't never know about that since I only hack Ruby.
A-Cry? So you are making a cry tool? =3

I forgot where the 'death cries' starts though... :\
Also, yeah, it uses their PokéDex numbers, however, the Hoenn ones, like HackMew said, doesn't follow the numberings anymore.
And as HackMew suggested, you can look at their numbers in HM's XSE's stdpoke.rbh file. Though you should convert it to decimal, k? =3

Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
Repoint the cries, maybe? That shouldn't be too hard...
Okay people, the fact that no-one else has pointed this out bugs me.
To repoint ur cries.
1) Find the offset of the cry to be repointed
2) Insert the cry into a clean fr rom at 0x800000 and see how many bytes it takes
3) Open fsf with the rom that u originally intended to insert the cry for
4) Search for however many bytes you need (you got this from step2)
5) In a hex editor, search your ROM for a pointer to the cries current offset.
6) Repoint it to the offset given from FSF
7) Open the ROM in pokecry
8) Paste the table
9) Load your pokemon number, and WAV file
10) Encode
There, you successfully repointed and inserted ur cry.
Please note: You only need to repoint if the amount of samples in your WAV is more than the samples of the current cry. Also, the "death cry" is just the "(living?) cry" of the pokemon only the ROM does something to it run time. As in, there's only one wav for each pokemon, the rest is done for you.

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