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@deelove: Thanks and do you like the gym more?

@shinylugia249: Sorry about that, I thoughtm it was a striaght c+p from HG/SS...

@Wind Gale: Thank you. You should thank Kyledove for that, he made it

Update time

Firstly, I've given the front page a new lick of paint with a cool new image background

And now the big stuff, Dew, one of the best tile artists on PC is now our official tile artist! I'm really happy about this since his work is so good, he in fact made the house in Kindle wood town and the cable car system. If you want to see more of his work then check out his game thread, august emerald (which is great btw, really deserves a look) or have a look at his tiles showcase (don't post on it though since he isn't gonna be updating it for a while/ever) on the second page of Game Development.

Edit: Wow, 3rd page already!

Demo Beta out Now!