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    My plan was to have two regions. My made up and maybe one from johto or hoen. So heres the just of it.
    You start out like normal but you won't get your pokemon from a professor but instead a Mystery man travelling from a different region (Johto or hoen). There he tells you how peaceful things are here compared to his region, when it comes to battling. He thinks that you could stop it so, he challenges you to beat the gyms and the elite 4 in your region (name still in progress) and when your done he will find you and take you to his region to help him sort things out (that way you'll be stong enough).Through out this journey you'll run into a childhood friend that moved away and is now being recruited like you but the "mystery man only needs one of you, so its a race to become the best. Along the way you will discover pokemon from your region (mix of Kanto and the region i don't pick....either johto or hoen). New events involving most of the legendaries ( not all because there's too many).

    Still a work in progress