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    Why hello thar, and welcome to the...

    Detective Conan (Case Closed)/Magic Kaito Fanclub!
    [insert banner that will be coming soon here. :B ]

    I N T R O
    This is the Detective Conan/Case Closed fanclub, where we pretty much discuss all things Detective Conan/Case Closed, as well a Magic Kaito, as both of them are made by the wonderful Gosho Aoyama, and both are quite similar (considering some Magic Kaito characters are in Detective Conan/Case Closed). Detective Conan/Case Closed is about a Seventeen-Year-Old boy named Shinichi who is a Detective, and because of a drug given to him by some black organization, he shrinks. Y'know? Do I really have to explain? :B I don't think I have to explain Magic Kaito either.

    R U L E S
    1. It would very much be preferred if you were a Detective Conan/Case Closed and/or Magic Kaito fan. XD;
    2. Japanese names are also preferred. However, if you know the show and the characters by Case Closed and Jimmy, Rachel, and such, than that's fine. ^^
    3. Be respectful of others. No bashing other opinions on shippings, characters, or any of the sort.
    4. No Spamming. Considering how long the series is, it really shouldn't be hard to stay on topic and talk about something Detective Conan (Case Closed) or Magic Kaito related.
    5. Please do your best to stay active. :3
    6. For fanart and fanfiction: Yaoi and Yuri is OKAY. However, nothing over PG-13ish, please.
    7. Have fun!

    Rules will come and go, so stay updated, and remember, There is always only one Truth!

    M E M B E R S



    Conan Edogawa
    Black Prince
    Quiet Dragon

    T O J O I N
    There is no quiz, or anything that you have to do (this may change in the future, but I trust that everyone can read the rules right now, so there is no need for such thing). Just make sure when you join, either be sure to notice you, or send me a PM saying that you have joined if I'm not around. Thanks. Also, when you make your first post, see about answering this question: Who is your favorite Detective Conan (Case Closed) and/or Magic Kaito character?

    C U R R E N T T O P I C
    (This may not always be updated)
    Who is your favorite Detective Conan (Case Closed) and/or Magic Kaito Character?
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