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    My beta-reader returned from exam land nowhere, so now we can finally continue this. Until my exams start, actually.
    Originally Posted by Crazy Packers Fan View Post
    And when I torture Sabrina, I do it in ways that aren't so visibly disturbing - the sight of her hitting her head on glass is enough to make even me shudder!
    ...that sight makes you shudder. That sight makes you shudder. The one who ripped off her hands. Yeah. Okay.!?!?
    Originally Posted by Crazy Packers Fan View Post
    I guess I'm pretty shocked that it was Karen controlling Will, not someone else.
    Let me wanted it to be someone named C., right?

    7. Chapter, Part 3: Passion

    He jumped onto the stable of empty und occupied boxes, the sound of metal clashing against metal echoing in the room, and Sabrina wondered how long it would take J to hear the noise that came from the warehouse, and how many seconds would be left before she would become yet another trouble source. As if dealing with Will was not enough yet.

    Said elite trainer had again found another weapon of choice, this time, it was the lonely ceiling light he could reach from the top of the mountain of boxes. Yet, instead of ripping it completely out of the wall, he removed it more carefully, so the cables connecting it to the main electricity source would not be cut off. At the same time, the light suddenly flickered on, first weakly and unstable, then bright and strong. He smiled his continuously wicked smile as he flung the lamp at her. Sparks flew everywhere as the length of the cable was not enough to cover the distance between Will and Sabrina, and power was cut off suddenly, creating a domino effect that turned off the lights of the gangway next to them as well. By then, Sabrina was fairly sure that J needed to be blind to oversee it.

    Unbeknownst to her, J was more or less blind, but for a completely different reason...

    The gym leader jumped backwards to avoid the crashing ceiling light and hid behind another ceiling, reaching a row of boxes, and some lockers mixed in them as well, which were apparently for the Pokemon that did not fit into the small boxes. The row extended to the wall with the small window on the one side, and on the other, to the wall next to the warehouse’s door. Just a few gaps between the boxes and lockers were left, but they gave her enough room to run from side to side if necessary. She was certain that Will wouldn’t be able to see her, and if she raised her detection barrier a bit, he wouldn’t be able to feel her either. Finally, she had a moment of peace, a moment to take a much needed deep breath of relief and to over think her strategy. Or, well, rather, build up a strategy at first.

    Sabrina had just closed her eyes and was about to slump down against one of the lockers when she felt something breathing against her cheek, and then a hand making contact with her neck. Startled, she opened her eyes and froze. Violet eyes stared into blue ones, and she shuddered as she touched the glove covered hand that tried to suffocate her, but hesitated. Hesitating, playing, waiting for her to lose her nerves. She wouldn’t give Karen that satisfaction.

    And yet, he had found her as soon as she had disappeared. Going by logic, it couldn’t have been him who had found her. He had no chance to do so. She doubted that there was any obvious flaw in her plan that had helped Will to not only find her mere seconds after hiding behind the lockers- she had expected him to find her sooner or later, just not that soon. The surprising thing was that he had teleported right next to her, had found her on his first try with an unbelievable blind luck. Either he was really lucky, or he had another pair of eyes. Literally.

    Sabrina growled, knowing now that Karen would hear her. She had to be around here.

    “What kind of dirty game is this for you?” She asked through gritted teeth. She paused, but decided not to say any more. If Karen wanted to know, she would have her ways of finding out. And there was not much more that Sabrina wanted to know beside the reason for this amusing show Karen presented them with.

    That, and maybe how to snap Will out of it.

    Laughter. Then a disembodied, hollow voice that would have scared grown men out of their wits, surrounded her, but Sabrina was way too used to telepathy to be scared by it. Even if it was the dark twin of telepathy. ‘Show? No, by no means is this a mere show for me. Neither is it for you.

    ‘Obviously.’ Sabrina thought darkly. She had never liked game shows and one where she directly involved without agreement was not going to remove them of their unloved position.

    This is not a show, but a test. A love test.’ The hollow voice laughed, and had Sabrina found the air to breathe properly, she would have laughed as well. How overrated were love tests, all kinds of them? There was no measurement for love, no questionnaire that could record all of its facets. ‘One that you still have to pass, I may remind you, dear Sabrina.’ The gym leader snorted. How could one pass a test if not even the rules were known, much less the goal, the result that had to be achieved?

    Either Karen did not hear her, or she ignored her subconscious question on purpose. ‘I would recommend you to try to find a way to pass my test, otherwise, you will never get your boy back.’ There was a snicker as Will answered his mistress’ statement wordlessly. ‘Otherwise, he’ll be my little puppet forever...

    Sabrina froze. She hated the word ‘puppet’, she hated it for a reason, and she was sure that was the very reason Karen used the term. Yet, it described pretty well the state Will was in. “Why?” she asked, forcing herself to close her eyes and not cry. “Why do you do this? Can’t you keep us alone? Can’t everyone just keep us alone?!” She was fed up. Fed up with having to fight with other girls, with disproving dozens of newspaper articles, with dealing with so much stress. She wanted, for once, her peace.

    There was no answer from Karen. Either she didn’t have an answer, or she did not bother with talking to the psychic anymore. Or maybe both. It wasn’t as if Sabrina cared, if Karen had just given her a tip, a single clue...

    Again, the psychic felt tears starting to form at the corners of her eyes, and again, she fought back as harshly as she could. She gritted her teeth even harder, and, with strength she did not know she had herself, grabbed Will’s arm while getting up to a standing position again. She looked him directly into the eyes, and although her own where shining, she was not crying.

    “No matter what Karen has done to you, I will get you back, I pro-“ She had not expected him to pull her fiercely back.

    And so, she tripped.

    And fell onto him.


    Karen looked up, raising an eyebrow. ‘This way, you’re not going to pass...’


    Sabrina rubbed her head with her free hand, wincing as she could feel a few drops of blood falling down her lips, as she had accidently cut open the small wounds through biting while being stunnrd by the fall. Will seemed equally surprised, or, rather, Karen had to be equally surprised, as she was the one who controlled Will.

    The gym leader could not help but look into his eyes and shudder. She had fallen so deeply in love with this man that it hurt her to just think of losing him, of losing him for no reason, for a obscure ‘test’ that did not make much sense at all. Her heart hurt.

    “I cannot lose you...” Bending her neck, she pinned his arms to his side as she moved forward, their faces coming nearer. Then, she kissed the still stunned man, wincing at the burning pain the fresh wound caused upon contact with his lips.




    There was a moment of silence. A moment of apprehension, of suspense, of complete stillness.

    Then, she could feel him returning the kiss.

    And everything in her just broke down.

    She was trembling, Trembling with happiness, with the power of long withheld emotions leaping out again, forcefully breaking their way through her normally stoic appearance. She stroked his cheek with her free hand, forcing herself not to bite his tongue off in an overenthusiastic act. It was the very first time she did not feel awkward during a French kiss, and yet there were too many emotions inside her to count, even less identify all of them. She was happy, stunned, shocked, and mesmerized, just to name a few.

    Slowly, after a seemingly endless time outside of any ether and any eon, she broke the kiss, staring into his eyes and a single tear fell down as she leaned her head down on his cheek, her hair cascading down on the cold floor next to them.

    Will blinked. “Uhm, did I miss something?”


    In a matter of seconds, Sabrina’s expression had gone from complete calmness to an angry, irritated stare and she had slapped him.


    In her opinion he deserved it. After all, she had gone to hell and beyond to get him back and all he could ask was if he had missed something?!?! ‘Oh, no, you have not missed anything at all, it’s just that mere minutes again, we fought a battle of life and death and if I had let you, you would have scalped me with this metal boomerang of yours!

    Sabrina growled. “Get up, boy, we have to get that Espeon out of the rubble!”

    Will, supporting himself with his arms while sitting up, rubbed his burning cheek, confused as hell. Then, he sighed, carefully quietening his words, in case she was listening to him. “First a lustfully kiss and then slapping...who would have thought that you differ in any way from the usual b...”

    “What did you say?” Her eyebrow twitched and Will gulped, sweatdropping.

    “Nothing, dear, nothing at all.”


    ‘It should not have worked. It should not have worked at all! Why did it...although, if long has it been that she was in hospital?’


    Will was confused as hell, but seeing Sabrina fuming silently to herself made him squish all intents of asking her what had happened during the last few...minutes? Hours? Days? His sense of time was damaged and the numbers on his watch told him nothing more than the current time, not how much time he had spent...away, he guessed. Something had happened, he was sure of that, otherwise, he wouldn’t have had so many blackouts in such a short amount of time, and secondly, his girlfriend wouldn’t act so oddly.

    Not to mention that he had no idea where they were and how they had managed to find the Espeon... Last thing he remembered was going into his room to catch some sleep, but that had to be at least a day ago, so, in short, at least one day of his life was so full of holes that it was nearly missing completely.

    He sighed and kneeled down to move another piece of metal around. Sabrina had said that the Espeon was buried somewhere under the chaos, and to his unasked question, obvious by his confused looks, she had said that Hunter J had turned the Espeon into stone, so it was most likely unhurt and unable to move at the same time. He looked around the plain blue storage room and could not imagine what kind of action had taken place there minutes ago. Many boxes were destroyed, their metal twisted beyond repair. Obviously a psychic’s doing, but had it been him, Sabrina, or someone completely different? He did not know, and Sabrina was too occupied to answer him, unfortunately. The elite trainer looked up, shivering at the gaping hole in the middle of the room, in the shape of a long, thin rectangle. He hoped that the airship they were on- that was at least something he had found out on his own, had thicker walls than their looks might tell, because even though the sky was usually a beautiful view, in this case, it wouldn’t be as gorgeous as usual.

    “Stop daydreaming and help me!” She snarled, but he could hear a desperation and fatigue in her voice that hadn’t been there when he had last heard her, before his blackout. He nodded silently. His first instinct was to take her into his arms and calm her down like he had done before, but deep inside, he knew that right now, business came before love, and she would be even angrier at him if he didn’t help her.

    He lifted another piece of metal and was almost startled when he looked right into the metallic brown eyes of a Pokemon. An Espeon, to be precise. He blinked. So that was how ‘stonified’ Pokemon looked like...

    “Found it!” He exclaimed, and Sabrina turned around, a small, tired smile beaming at him like a ray of sunlight.


    ‘So my plan has failed. What a pity. It would have been the ultimate test, and at least it would have made these fools’ club of Claire shut up. What a pity...’

    The dark woman closed her eyes, turning around to the shivering man.

    “I have no need for you anymore. Not for you and any of your comrades.” She licked her fingernail. “Though I would have a fine job for that sexy b...bandit your have as a leader there. I wonder if she’s into girls...”

    Harry blinked with watery eyes, his tears not dried yet (and neither were his pants, but that was another thing).

    The trainer waved her hand. “Nah, too uncomfortable here. Let’s see...let’s see if I can turn the tables around again.”

    And the dark mist disappeared, along with the blonde woman.


    “Well, sometimes, you are good for something!” Sabrina exclaimed, walking over to him and helping him with getting the Espeon out of the mountain of destroyed boxes and other metallic pieces that had no use other than to be melted again, as their forms were nearly unrecognisable.

    Will raised an eyebrow. “What?” He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to take her insult serious or if she was just kidding around, her voice was too tired to give him a definite hint of its intentions.

    Sabrina grinned as well. “You gave me a whole lot of trouble, but let’s not talk about this now. We have to get going. The Espeon is still in a state where I think Lucian would not like to get it back. Hopefully, while we get out of this thing, we’ll come across one of her henchmen who can nicely tell us how to turn it back into flesh.”

    Will nodded silently, not commenting. While he had the feeling that Sabrina was a bit too optimistic about the worker’s intelligence and knowledge, he didn’t want to argue with her either. Something had obviously happened that made her a bit snappier than usual and he didn’t want to increase that level of bad temperedness.

    He glanced at her face and could not help but wonder what had happened to her. Her forehead, cheeks and lips had small cuts; her hair was shiny from sweat, just as if she had recently been through a series of serious physical exercises. And then, definitely suspiciously, there was a small red mark on her throat just as if someone had been trying to strangle her. Will clenched his fists; he wished he had been conscious, so he could have punished whoever had dared to try to hurt his girlfriend.

    But then, disturbing him more than the simple injuries themselves, she had tried to hide the mark on her throat from him by covering it with her collar every time he looked, in the end failing and making it much more obvious to him that something was wrong. Will swallowed. He wanted to know...what had happened...but she wasn’t going to tell him, was she?

    “Sabrina...” he whispered, just as she had managed to pull the Espeon out of the rubble and, not expecting it to be much heavier than usual, fell backwards, and, for the probably first time in her life, laughed at her own clumsiness. It took the woman a moment to notice his sad expression, then she stood up again, brushing the nonexistent dust of her clothes.

    “I know what you’re pondering over, I know, Will.” And this was not even a result of her powers. Or maybe it was, depending on which powers were meant. “But this is not the time to talk about it. Please, I’m not mistrusting you”, she swallowed, as if she had to convince herself of that statement, too,” we simply have no time to talk about it now.” The man nodded silently, he had to be satisfied with that explanation for the moment. “You could rather help me with the Espeon, seems as if it gained a few pounds...or a few more...”

    He laughed. “Ah, and you’re too weak to carry it? Of course, a gentleman has to help in this case...”

    Sabrina glared at him. “Excuse me if I’m a bit drained from fighting you...” she whispered with dark eyes, just quiet enough for him not to hear it at all.

    Together, they carried the Espeon to the door, with Sabrina walking backwards and being forced to open the door with her feet, creating a humouristic stunt Will had to laugh about.

    Yet, she did not have to open the door herself, as it swung open with the force of a non-artificial explosion, caused by the power of an infuriated woman who had too much on stake and too much on her mind, including a few portions of too much caffeine.

    “What the heck do you think are you doing?” she bellowed, clenching her fists and staring at the two psychics through her cold, darkening sunglasses. Behind her, a few of her men stood, equally startled and huddled together as if they were more afraid of their own boss than of the two, without doubt powerful intruders. Which was actually the more likely scenario.

    “We’re carrying the Espeon to a bleacher, as it obviously caught too much sunlight.” Sabrina snarled, irritated by J’s more than obviously dumb question. Will had to snicker at his girlfriend’s sarcasm. He hadn’t known that she possessed it at all. “No, we’re rescuing it, idiot!”

    “Idiot?!” Harry whimpered, praying to Arceus above that the dark mist would swallow him again. It was like choosing between plague and cholera, but at least he was safe from J in the dark mist, while out in the dark, not literally, he was not safe from the strange blond woman that had trapped him.”Are you calling me an idiot?” J shouted back.

    Sabrina rolled her eyes. “No, you’re hearing ghosts. I said ‘shallot’!”

    Will blinked, staring in her direction and, even though the situation was not one for replaying the last episode of ‘Who wants a billion pokedollars?’, dared to ask a question that seemed to come right of its handbook. “What is a shallot?”

    Sabrina shoot around and glared at her boyfriend, while J was still confused, probably because she did not know the meaning either. “Of course, what else to expect from a’s an onion-like vegetable.”

    “What?” Before Will had even the time to voice his disagreement with being called a cannibal- though he wasn’t sure if psychics that had indeed eaten another psychic, even if it was a Pokemon, didn’t deserve to be called cannibals, a bright, orange ray of light shot between them. He stumbled backwards, losing his grip on the Espeon. Out of the corners of his eyes, he could see Sabrina falling back in a similar way. He glanced back at the direction the light came from and saw that its origin was a small device on J’s arm whose purpose wasn’t completely clear to him, though after the few clues Sabrina had given him; it obviously had to do with both the beam and the Espeon’s stonification.

    J growled, unnerved by the pile of flaws in her plan. “Couldn’t you take care of your own problems and not get involved?” Her voice was deep, snake-like, and yet at the same time, there was a higher pitch in it, indicating increasing frustration. “This was the biggest mission, the major coup, the finale triumph and you two had to smash it.” J snarled, her eyes glowing with invisible fire and fury.

    Will glanced at Sabrina and swallowed. She was holding her head with one hand, one eye closed tightly. She wasn’t as confused as him, who had no real idea what J was talking about. Why was this Espeon so damn special? Of course, it was Lucian’s Espeon, the Pokemon of an elite four trainer, but he had thought that someone like J, being the legendary Pokemon hunter she was, would never use superlatives that casually and would always find a higher step. He had believed it not to be only his own ambition...

    J put on a vicious, malevolent smile and touched something Will could not make out around her neck. From far away, it seemed to be a necklace of some sort, but it was too big to be comfortable and Will doubted that someone like J, who really depended on her fitness and mobility, would wear jewellery. For a split second, just after the villain had touched the mysterious appendage, there was a flash in his vision, and startled, he closed his eyes, and the flash disappeared too quickly for him to really recognise what it had been in the end. Yet, a sound coming from the other end of the room caught his attention. Sabrina groaned, glaring at J with furious eyes. Will concluded that this probably had to be the way J had shut off her psychic powers, just like the blue haired woman had done days ago in the post office.

    J crouched down and pulled the Espeon, which had been left unattended in the chaos, towards her. “I’ll take this with me”, she said darkly, starting to turn around to leave through the open door. Will blinked, suddenly realising this turn of events and how J was going to flee.

    “No, you’re not!” he screamed and jumped to his feet, running after J. He barely managed to get a grip on the psychic Pokemon before J turned around so violently that it was snatched out of his hands and he stumbled again. He couldn’t even see J’s angry expression as she threw the Espeon into the guts of on her henchmen, knocking the air out of his lungs.

    “So, you don’t want to cut it out, do you?” J grinned. “But I can cut you off.” She closed her eyes as she pushed a button on the wall next to the door, nodding to her henchmen as they left the room. Momentarily, Will was surprised that she didn’t just try to ‘shoot’ him again with her bracelet, but knew that whatever she was going to do now would be just as effective. She surely hadn’t called off her henchmen because of anything dangerous...

    At first, nothing happened, but then, the elite trainer heard the metallic screech of doors opening and he looked in horror behind him to see a door opening itself, cold wind suddenly rushing into and through the room.

    Before he had any real time to react, there was a buzz behind him, and some kind of electric cracking. From the other end of the room, he could see Sabrina screaming something to him- and really, he could only ‘see’ her scream, because the noise in the room had increased dramatically. Now it was not only the howling of the wind, but also the charging of J’s bracelet-...

    Will turned around, but it was too late. The orange beam, hot like the glowing sun and hissing like an Ekans after encountering prey, was already aiming for him at top speed.

    Fortunately, the beam did not hit him with the expected force, the question if J had intended this left unanswered as she didn’t even stay long enough to see the impact, rather turned around with a whip of her coat, following her henchmen through the door.

    Yet, even when being noticeably weaker, the energy was enough to knock Will off his feet and dangerously close to the open tailboard. He had closed his eyes, feeling the rush of wind around his face and body, his clothes flapping violently. And then, he couldn’t feel any ground beneath him anymore.

    Still with closed eyes, the elite trainer couldn’t help but be amused. It felt like a déjà vu, only with reversed roles. And without the obligatory explosion, but that was something he could do without. An explosion was the last thing he needed.

    For a split moment, he wondered if this was how his Natu felt, when they took off for the first time. It was very unusual for these small bird Pokemon to learn how to fly, but he had never seen the reason not to try it and he had trained with them and trained with them and trained with them, until they were ready. For them, it must have been a wonderful feeling to overcome this frontier, to go farther than anyone had ever thought them to be able to go. Just like him.

    Briefly, he also wondered why so many people were afraid of flying. Of course, there were logical reasons- but he had thrown logic out of his life the moment he was informed that he was a psychic himself. Logic had no place in the life of a psychic. There was no gravity for them anymore. There was only the power of their mind and the spirit of what they wanted to do with it. It was not mind over muscle, it was mind over nature. He could bend the laws of nature to his own will any moment he wanted to.

    Something grasped his arm.

    ‘This really feels like a déjà vu’, Will mused through closed eyes. He didn’t open them; he didn’t know why he didn’t open them.

    Then, reality rushed in again and his fall was suddenly, harshly stopped. Will yelped at the pang of pain that shot through his left arm and during this second of confusion, he opened his eyes.

    And then, he couldn’t close them anymore. He stared at his girlfriend above him, her eyes closed tightly, teeth gripped together as if she was in pain and taking short, raspy breaths. She had her hand closed firmly around his arm, her surprisingly short and uncoloured fingernails not bearing themselves into his skin, just leaving a fine line on its surface, barely visible.

    Will was surprised, to say the least. He had never expected Sabrina to do this for him. After all, she didn’t need to. He could help himself. Didn’t him?

    Sabrina snarled, audibly out of breath. “I do trust you...I trust you more than anyone else on this world...” She winced and Will, horrified, could see a small trail of blood flowing down her arm gracefully, a miniature river of thick, red water, crossing the border of their skins and touching his own. It felt warm against the cold winds.

    ‘Her hurt shoulder...she’s holding me with her hurt arm! The wound... the stitches must have broken open again...’ Will realised and twitched uncomfortably. She was hurting herself for him...

    “Sabrina...please, you don’t need to do this...” Even without confirmation, he was sure she knew what he was talking about. It was rather obvious. After all, the wound was the very result of a similar scene. It was scary how fate loved to play with them...

    She snarled again, but he assumed rightly that it was more out of sheer pain than out of anger. “I have to do this...Will, I trust you. I trust you to be sure that you would be able to teleport out of this. Or heck, even levitate, even though we didn’t even train this yet.” She smiled weakly at him, her eyes nearly closed. “But I could never forgive myself if you didn’t manage and... I could never forgive myself if I let you go and you die...” She paused. “I don’t want to lose you because of some foolhardy slip that could have been avoided.”


    Sabrina winced at the stinging pain in her arm. In some way, it was almost comical at how the two of them kept saving each other's lives’. She just had to keep on hoping that her, their luck wasn’t going to fade away like her strength.

    The doctors had told her not to stress her arm too much for a while and she wondered, with dry humour, if saving her boyfriend from death was considered ‘stress’. It was likely, though.

    ‘When this is over, a simply operation won’t do it anymore...” She groaned slightly. ‘I can probably forget about ever using that arm again...’ She wondered if this was really worth it, but quickly dismissed those thoughts. It wasn’t even sure if they would both come out of this relatively unharmed otherwise...

    Another shot of pain made her flinch and she felt her arm becoming powerless...


    He knew he was going to fall. But he smiled. He knew he was going to survive, no matter what happened.
    He had his dear to live for.


    A drop of blood fell.


    The blond woman stared at the duo with wide open eyes, not believing her eyes. Then, she swallowed, overthinking her whole plan again. She had to do something now. She had to interfere.

    She had been wrong.

    And yet, she had been right in the end. She had felt it deep in her heart all the time. These two belonged together. Alone, they would be nothing. Now, if one of them died, the other would be lost.

    In the end, the dark woman had to admit that...Sabrina had indeed passed the test. Just not in the way she had intended it.


    The blond woman stared the duo with wide open eyes, not believing her eyes. Then, she swallowed, over thinking her whole plan again. She would have to do something about this later. She had to make things right again.

    Oh, she had been oh so wrong.

    All of it had been a mistake, she saw that now. Giving up the ones you love is the greatest mistake you can ever do. Especially when you know, know deep inside that those still love you. It’s often that they just cannot show it in the way you expect it, but this is a common human flaw. One she had not expected herself to have, but she was not flawless. She may have had the looks of an angel, but she was not flawless.

    But she had the chance to change it all for the better.

    She took the mobile phone and quickly called in a number. Yet, seconds before the ringing stopped and the voice at the other end of the line could make a sound, she hesitated. A few teardrops were falling down her pale face, framed by hair whose beauty could only be rivalled the rays of sunshine. Then, she smiled. She had an idea. She knew how to prove her love to him again.

    She just needed to make a second, quick call.


    Sabrina felt as if she was going to faint, she didn’t know from what, either blood loss or simple exhaustion, but the darkness was crawling closer.


    Something suddenly grabbed her hand and stabilized it, relieving it from the strain. Surprised, and quite a bit startled, too, she opened her eyes and looked to her side.


    The dark women grinned at her. “Heh, always in for a surprise are we, eh?” Then, she turned her head to face Will again, who was just as surprised as Sabrina was, yet his surprise seemed to be of another kind. The gym leader couldn’t put her finger on it, but she was quite sure that Will had expected this to end quite differently.

    Just like she had after she had lost grip.

    Karen stretched her bony, muscular fingers and dark mist surrounded her hand, yet it only stayed misty for a few seconds before twirling around itself and winding itself into a rope of some sorts. The rope wrapped itself around Will’s wrist, curling and swirling and getting thicker with every new sheet that was formed out of nothing but darkness, and suddenly, Karen jumped back, getting Will on board of the airship again with a single powerful pull. Both elite trainers fell, Karen on her back, Will on his stomach, while Sabrina jumped to the side to avoid being hit by either of the two. The rope disappeared with a puff of smoke, nothing left of it aside from a few pieces of black ash.

    Karen rubbed her head briefly before starting to stand up, smiling at Will, who was still sprawled before her and had a bit of trouble getting up. “Humans are not meant to be able to fly, sweetie...” she whispered, knowing Will’s thoughts and intentions very well, more than Will really wanted to.

    The dark woman turned her head to the side, watching Sabrina with a thin layer of sadness on her pale, unmoving face. The psychic was pale as well, in comparison to Karen even paler and had her eyes closed in pain, as a few drops of sweat fell down her face. She held her arm with the other, still functioning one, pushing it tightly against her body. The blood, once flowing down her arm freely, had now pooled around her shoulder, leaving the part of her jacket soaked with it.

    “Oh, dear...” Will whispered, honestly worried about Sabrina. He started to get up, almost tripping over his hands and falling over again as he was so troubled and he wanted to get close to his dear as soon as possible. Yet, a hand in front of his face stopped him.

    “No. I wouldn’t get near her now...” Karen whispered, with an almost inaudible snicker. “You would certainly disturb her concentration...” Will looked up at Karen with such a helpless, dumbfound look that the other elite trainer had to try hard not to break out with laughter, which would certainly disturb Sabrina even more.

    Gesturing towards the younger woman, Karen closed her eyes and snickered. “She’s going to use move, I have to say. Even modern surgery wouldn’t help her arm now anymore, so ancient powers have to take over. What the irony...” Will blinked and followed Karen’s hand.

    Sabrina still had her eyes closed, but Will knew, or rather, felt that something was different now. She was concentrating, indeed. It was as if she was gathering her powers, focussing them in a single point and then, slowly, directed that point of energy towards her shoulder. That was the only way Will, the novice, could describe it.

    He yelped when white light literally broke out of her and everything was bathed in complete white for a few seconds. Will stumbled back, unsure if he was near the opening and thus, again in danger, but he could not feel any gust of wind and thus, concluded that it was safe to fall back. He rubbed his eyes once he was sitting again and surprisingly, the whiteness had already stopped and was replaced by the normal, shadowy colouring of the room. Karen was still standing next to him and had an even more persistent snicker on her face. He turned around to face Sabrina and, automatically, felt more relived. She was still pale and there was still blood around her shoulder, but she was way more relaxed, as if she wasn’t in any pain anymore and apparently, the wound had stopped bleeding, too. “Dear...?” he whispered, unsure and still a bit worried.

    Sabrina opened her eyes and glanced wordlessly at him, before getting up and walking up to Karen. “Come on, we need to get the Espeon back...again.”

    She didn’t pay him any other mind and walked out of the door, Karen wickedly grinning at him before following his girlfriend, her short, black, transparent dress billowing out in the wind.

    Will smiled reassured and closed his eyes as he got up in order to follow the girls. ‘She’s alright...’

    End of Chapter 7, Part Three.
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