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    Originally Posted by amarj3 View Post
    well im starting again anyway, my tortea does not learn leaf storm even tho i got it to the required level, shouldnt it also learn wood hammer when it evolves but it doesnt

    rilou doesnt evolve, i trained it loads for days, got it to lev 50 and still no luck...

    another bug

    a lot of time when i fished near the end, it would say you have a catch but then nothing would happen
    Leaf Storm and Wood Hammer aren't in Raptor, as they're 4th gen moves. Raptor is effectively a 3rd gen game, so it doesn't include them.

    Riolu evolves by happiness, the same as in the original games. Just keep raising it, using items etc on it, and don't let it faint.
    Originally Posted by HeavyOctillery View Post
    Hm, maybe we need a list of all the evolution changes; that seems to be the most difficult part of this game currently.

    Caught Registeel on the first try - even w/o giving it a status. Lucky.
    I'll get a list ready, if OG doesn't mind.
    Originally Posted by Omn View Post
    ok well i have a question for raptor ex are you going to add like time of day and weather during gameplay to help evolutions of certain pokemon oh and for some reason i had to restart my game because it said it was corrupt.
    Time of day won't be included, as it plays a major part in some story sections. Pokémon requiring time of day to evolve will evolve at any time. Eevee's evolutions are decided a different way.
    Originally Posted by Pika'chu500 View Post
    where can I get drifloon?
    It does not say in the pokedex.....
    Drifloon is on route 12 :)

    Thanks to everyone who reported bugs; I'll work on fixing them.

    Unfortunately, Raptor EX is still unfinished. I've been busy with other things, so I haven't had the time to finish it. However, as I'm free for two weeks, I should be able to finish it up.
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