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Lets look at Dratini:

R/B: Eww! Looks more like a worm.

Gr: Still looks like a worm but its ears/horns look better.

Y: What the heck is up with its colour?

G: I don't really like that position.

S: I like it. It's a cuter and improved version of its literally Yellow sprite.

C: Its colour is way too pale.

R/S: Worst Dratini sprite ever! Its colour is all wrong and its snout is too big.

E: Why are most Emerald animations so boring?

LG/FR: Poor Dratini, always having its colour wrong. At least its snout is smaller.

D/P/Pt: Now that is perfect. They got its colour right this time.

HG/SS: Why do most pokemon look anorexic in HG/SS?
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