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Current ones are from the old thread and have priority (marked by a * by their name).
  • *Abenti - Seeking a Beta Reader

    Title of Story: Pokemon Amber: The Untold Memoir
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: A prequel fic centering around the never seen, never named, only mentioned once in the anime father of Ash Ketchum set about 10 - 12 years before the anime starts. Anthony "Tony" Ketchum, an 18 year old trainer gets disowned after an argument and heads towards the Kanto region to take the journey that he had only planned on doing before. Along the way he gains a traveling companion as well as two other pokemon other than his his first one that he had aquired eight years prior.
    Genre: OT, Romance (due to the technicalities that the OT and companion falling in love/getting married by the end of the story).
    Rating: On the general whole I attempt to do PG or milder.
    Type of mentor needed: Plot, Comprehensive
    Writing sample of story: The chapters I have posted up are located at
    Other: I've been writing/working on this particular fanfic for a few years, though I have had off and on fanfic writing for a number of years prior in the Sailor Moon fanfic department (though that's a whole different can of worms that I've yet to finish writing on). My greatest weaknesses writing wise would be plotlines (individually per chapter) and general overall follow through... More often than not I find myself not being able to follow through with a story idea once I find that I don't have someone to bounce ideas arround and/or get opinions or thoughts from.

  • *SkyBlue - Seeking a Plot/Character Beta Reader

    Title of Story: Operation Confession
    Fandom: Pokemon manga: Pokemon Special/Adventures
    Plot summary: Red and Yellow have always been a little...into each other. They just don't like to say what they really feel. Well, with the help of the other Pokedex holders, Green's going to change that...Maybe it's time they did take a vacation in Sinnoh.
    Genre: Humor and romance.
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG. Expect gratuitous amounts of Green's trademark evil schemes. And funny ghosts.
    Type of mentor needed: Plot and character beta reader. I plan to have an OC.
    Writing sample of story:

    Green could not believe that it had been a few years since Red saved Yellow from a rampaging Dratini. She also could not believe that time had passed since Yellow rescued Red from the Elite Four.

    And she could not believe that they still hid their feelings after all this time!

    Green now paced the floor of her house as Platinum, her boyfriend Diamond, and their hyper friend Pearl (visiting from Sinnoh) read books (in Dia's case, munched on a book-shaped cookie).

    Ruby and Sapphire, a new item, were arguing over who had the best Pokemon.

    Gold, Crystal and Silver were reflecting on the past (and laughing at Crystal's "AAAHHH! PUNKS!").

    Blue was trying and failing at making Poffins. Everyone could hear the "Stupid Poffins!" and "AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!" coming from the kitchen.

    Emerald was thinking up pranks.

    Green, however, didn't notice. She was too absorbed in what she was thinking up. Then...

    "I can't stand their being insecure anymore!" she cried out. "I think I'll bring them together..."

    All the color drained from Gold's, Crystal's and Silver's faces. They knew exactly what Green was talking about.

    So did Blue. "Green..." he warningly yelled out. "NOT AGAIN!"

    Platinum raised an eyebrow. "Why are you so worried?" she asked.

    Green had on that weird, Cheshire cat face on again. Somehow it never failed to slip onto her face when she was scheming.

    "It's the Cheshire Grin. When Green has it'd rather not know," Crystal hastily explained.

    "Think about it. Have you seen Yellow so nervous when not around Red?" Green suddenly asked.

    Platinum shook her head. Dia raised an eyebrow and shrugged. Pearl rolled his eyes towards the ceiling. Gold shuddered at the thought of Green being right yet again. Crystal swore words under her breath. Emerald kicked the couch so strongly that it flipped. Silver learned a few words from Crystal. Ruby and Sapphire's mouths hit the floor.

    And Green? "AUUUGGGHH! IT BURNED! NOW I HAVE TO START OVER!!" He was concentrating on those Poffins.

    "And how about Red? Have you seen him NOT blush when around Yellow?"

    Same reactions. Different people (except for Blue, who was still cooking Poffins and was now complaining about how they spilled easily).

    "Ha! I knew it. They like each other! You've seen it, you've felt it, you've known it since you first met them! So you're all gonna help me!" Green proclaimed, grinning maniacally.

    It was at this point that everyone, except for Dia (who ate faster) and Platinum (whose eyes went wide), screamed. Yep, even Blue in the kitchen with the Poffins.

    Other: I've been writing since I was eight. I made scripts ripped off of episodes of my favorite series, calling them sequels. I was eight, hello! Then, I stumbled upon, and the rest is history.

  • Iqid Loopz - Seeking a Grammer/Comprehensive/Language Beta Reader/Proof Reader

    Title of Story: Crossing the Line
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: A ragtag team of Military Pokemon fighting to end a war against the Galactic-Rocket Alliance, that brought damage, fear, and large amount of pain through out the galaxy. Will they live and end the war, or will they fail and die.
    Genre: Action, Comedy, War, Science Fiction (Somethings wont be possible in real life),Romance, Horror, Adventure
    Rating (PG, R, etc): Rated PG-17 (swearing, alcohol reference, mature jokes)
    Type of mentor needed: Grammer, Proof reading, Comprehensive, Language
    Writing sample of story:
    Poliwrath quickly takes a sword and swing at Swamperts head. Swampert quickly ducks and kicks him in the face and falls back on his legs and looks up at Swampert.

    "You see...I own your ass, now try and kill me" said Swampert, slowly reaching for his sword.

    "I don't think so" he replied, doing a chinese get up and kicks Swampert in the stomach, launching him through a wall.

    Poliwrath walks over his sword and picks it up then quickly runs to the smashed wall and looks around the room and sees debris and a open door.

    He slowly turns around and walks towards the others

    "Yo! Poliwrath did you get him?" asked Sceptile

    "Yea, he escaped, but at least i kicked him through a wall" he replied.

    "But he escaped, you totally suck, even I can do better" said Ditto.

    "I can demote your ass just with a sword, and just with a sword"

    " I'm panicking"

    Other: I have been writing for a year and a half now, and English is my main language but it seems like still have spelling and wording problems

  • Legendarian Mistress - Seeking a Plot Beta Reader/Proof Reader

    Title of Story: The Resurrection’s Beginning and Apocalyptic Dawn
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Plot summary: The journey starts off rather positively, but mutates into something darker when life doesn’t seem as good as what it was originally. Blood will be spilled against the wishes of many.
    Genre: Action/Other
    Rating (PG, R, etc): M
    Type of mentor needed: Proof-reader/Plot
    Writing sample of story:
    Time had passed but to him nothing had changed, barring the stupid cowlick in his short red hair, which he had gotten to lay flat on his head. He lazily blinked crimson eyes at the mirror. The lines on his face were deeper, the frown more prominent. He was certainly taller, possibly six feet even. He grimaced quietly at how white he was. Wearing mostly black really didn't help with a tan after all. He pulled his red and black jacket over the black belly shirt. Sighing, the twenty one-year-old ran his fingers over the smooth black fabric of his pants. He still dressed like a kid, after all this time. Giving up, Silver wrapped the grey cape over his clothing. Not much else to do now.

    “Mr. Walker, sir?” A hesitant voice piped up.

    “How many times have I told you to just call me Silver?! I will be ten times the man my father was!” Silver snapped back at the researcher. “Now what is it?!”

    “Extremely high abnormal energy readings are being detected from the enemy base in Goldenrod City, Silver.” Another scientist responded after the first fell silent from fear.

    “Base signatures are distinguished on the thermal radar, Silver!” Yet another scientist hollered.

    “What are you waiting for, idiot?! Who are they?!” Silver yelled back.

    “The energy readings indicate that Arceus, Palkia, Mewtwo, Darkrai and an unconscious Suicune — plus some teenagers — are in the base at the moment.” The second technician answered.

    So... it’s begun, has it? Hmm, things just keep getting interesting, the Johto Destroyers leader thought. “Alright, I’m sending Phoenix, Donovan and Shira in!” A very livid glare from Arianna prompted him to add that she, too, could go. “Take these with you.” Silver called out to Arianna and threw her a couple of spheres; they were jet black in colour with a silvery-grey letter imprinted on them. The letter on the balls represented the containment spheres used by a Pokémon poacher from an age long ago, because they were, in fact, the same objects he used — Dark Balls.

    As Phoenix, Shira Davina, Donovan and Arianna left; Silver turned back and continued watching the intensifying battle which was Arceus and Palkia VS Mewtwo, Darkrai and... Raikou? “What the ****ing hell?!” he swore. “Where did Raikou come from?!”

    Other: I’ve been writing Pokémon stories since late 2005. Being a perfectionist, I’d like to be a Grammar beta one day... and my weakness? Probably making a certain plot-line longer than it should be.

  • KajiVenator - Seeking a Grammer/Plot Beta Reader

    Title of Story: Instance Decision
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Plot summary: We follow our young hero, Mitch as he travels through time to fight a team bent on taking over the Pokémon world with the power of the gods.
    Genre: Adventure/Other (Perhaps more. I'll have to think about possible genres more.)
    Rating: PG/Mature
    Type of mentor needed: Grammar, Plot
    Writing sample of story:


    "A stormy night in the Johto region. Quite fitting for what we have planned, eh boss?"

    "How are the generators holding foreman?"

    The foreman glanced at the giant computer screen. "There is no damage to report, sir. The generators are maintaining full power. Taking the plates away from that creature has prevented it from doing any damage the generators, as well as taken away it's ability to fight back."

    "Goooood. Make sure to set them on automatic before we go looking for that creature of the forest. We'll need every single man on the job to have a chance of finding it."

    "Yes sir," grinned the foreman as he hit a small button on the carbon keyboard that lay on top his desk.

    The one in charge looked past the foreman at the gigantic conglomerate of computer screens on the wall opposite. Perhaps there were thousands of screens. He could not remember the exact amount. But he did know that over half of the screens formed a picture of a stunning white creature laying on its side in his test chamber, the rest of the monitors displaying its vitals and such.

    Any second now, he thought.

    He watched on with glee as a lightning bolt emanated from the test chamber's wall and struck the creature. The vital readings on the screens jumped. He heard it cry out in pain. He thought nothing of it. A small sacrifice to achieve his lifelong goal.

    Not far away, a young boy awoke with a jolt, sweat running down his brow. He knew it was a dream, but the pain he had felt, it seemed so real.

    Other: I am a seventeen year-old near-graduate of High School. This is not my first attempt at writing a story but will be my first attempt at writing a FF for the public here at PC. I tend to double-check my work after reading it, expanding on my wording and reviewing grammar so there should be few problems but I still require a Beta-Reader to double-check my double-checked/re-written work. I hope to expand the story to include all four mainland regions of the games, starting off with Johto, then Hoenn followed by Sinnoh and Kanto but, if I feel I cannot hope to expand the story to fill that many arcs, I will settle for a complete Johto arc. I want to write this FF to expand my writing skills and challenge myself. I may take breaks every now and then to complete assignments for school but will try to further the story whenever possible.

  • Eeveemaster9 - Seeking a Comprehensive/Grammar, Character Beta Reader

    Title of Story: The Reality of Fantasy
    Fandom: Other
    Plot summary: After a long night partying with his friends, Kevin falls asleep rather quickly, only to find himself in a cage when he awakens. After encountering a young girl (Alia) whom is in the same situation, Kevin begins to get an idea of why he is there when a mysterious girl approaches him after Alia had been removed from her cage by "The Dragging Boy".
    Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thriller
    Rating: PG+14 (Minor swearing, Gore, & Minor Sexual References)
    Writing sample of story:

    Was I still dreaming? Or had I gone blind overnight? I was lying on cold metal, instead of my fluffy blankets. My back was stiff from laying on the hard surface for such a long time. I opened my eyes a crack. It felt empty around me. I wasn't in my room. I opened my eyes a little wider, and looked around. It was darkness that greeted me, instead of the bright morning sun I knew so well. What the hell...? I tuned my ears to listen to things around me. There was nothing but silence. The silence you feel when at a funeral. I choked back a cough.

    I felt around with my hand, still laying down on the surface I was on. My fingers crept along like the legs of a spider, and they were sensitive to everything they touched. I was reaching to the left of me, and before my arm could go to full length, the legs of the spider grasped a metal bar going vertical from the metal flooring. I was in a cage. I was trapped.

    You know the first thing that came through my thick skull? I wasn't going to be able to get that new book. That new volume was about kidnappings and assassins... (Oh, irony how you've never failed me) ....Horrified by my discovery, I attempted to stand, only to hit my head hard against metal similar to the one beneath me. It was like brick falling on my head while on fire. "Fuuu-Ouch." I groaned, lowering my poor head. I rubbed the bump that was already starting to form, and I looked around as best I could. My only light source was that coming from another room, and it was leaking out from underneath a doorframe several metres away.

    I began to spread my pale fingers through my short brown hair in frustration. Damn it all... Where was I? How did I get here? Questions tumbled down on me like an avalanche. What kind of prank was this!? Why me?!

    Abruptly I could hear muffled crying, and I stopped my hysteria. It was a girl. She seemed close to me. I swallowed roughly to clear my throat. "Hello?" My voice echoed in the room, and like a spell, the girl stopped her whimpering to reply hesitantly. "H-hello?"

    I was almost relieved to hear her reply. Though her voice was unfamiliar, I was glad I wasn't alone in this. "Do you know where we are?" I asked, moving closer to where I thought the voice was coming from. My bright blue eyes scanned for any sign of the girl, but my nose touched another metal bar. The girl was in another cage from my own. It took a moment for her to reply, and I could hear her sniffles and attempts to calm herself. Why was she so terrified?

    "They're going to kill us. We're both going to die."

    Other: I lack in proper grammar skills, and making characters more realistic. I may also need help to make the setting believeable.

  • Impo - Seeking a Proofreader (preferably someone good with grammar)

    Title of Story: Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney: The Twin Siren
    Fandom: Professor Layton
    Genre: Action, Mystery
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG
    Writing sample of story: Here's the story instead
    Other: This is a long story, and I may make a sequel, so be prepared for long work.

  • Konekodemon - Seeking a Grammar Beta and a Character Beta with knowledge of Paul from the anime
    Title of Story: Pokemon Adventures
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: Doesn't have one. Just read the story. But it is a PaulxOC fic, set in Kanto.
    Genre: Romance/Adventure
    Rating (PG, R, etc): Right now it's PG-13, but as I write it will change to R rated.
    Writing sample of story:
    As soon as they got there they heard a voice saying,"Your not what I'm looking for. Be gone."

    "That could only be, Paul," said Kairi. Her and Pikachu went up to him,"What do you think your doing!?" She demanded, noticing Paul releasing a Starly he had just caught.

    "That's none of your business!" Said Paul.

    "It is when your abandoning a Pokemon you just caught," she demanded.

    "If your so consersed, why don't you take it," said Paul.

    "Yes, I think maybe I will. Come on Starly, you don't need him!" Kairi said, as she grabbed the Starly's Poke Ball out of Paul's hand in an angry tone. She returned Starly to her Poke Ball. Paul got ready to turn and walk away when Kairi called out,"Wait!"

    "What is it now?" Paul asked her, as he turned around to face her.

    "You left your Pokedex and Poke Balls at the lab. I don't know where you found that Poke Ball, but here," Kairi handed Paul his Pokedex and Poke Balls. She realized he must have just found a Poke Ball laying around on the route and used it.

    "Thank you," Paul said, putting the stuff into his bag. He then turned and walked away.

    'Did...Did he just thank me!?' Kairi wondered, confused. She watched Paul as he walked away, hands on his hips.

  • sheep261 - "Someone who can look through my work and look for any places which are lacking in detail, and also maybe a proof reader if someone has the time as well."

    Title of Story: The Return of a Legend
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: A once old hero that was left for mysterious reasons, who now returns to the world, where much has changed for him
    Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance maybe if I want it....
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG 13+
    Writing sample of story:
    It was a sunny evening in the middle of Autumn, with a fine mist developing a certain mountain not far from Pallet Town. The view from the top was simply jaw dropping for an ordinary person; the sky was a deep colour between the mix of orange and red, with the Sun half way down.

    However, on person in particular didn’t find it amazing at all; to him, he had just found it to be normal, although, he had been living on this mountain for a while. The man in question was youngish, about in his mid 20’s, and it was obvious that he had been far from civilisation for a while, due to the messy flop of hair, which was cut at irregular angles. On his body was a pair of dark-blue jeans, accompanied with black trainers. Although to someone else, it was so cold up on the peak of the mountain, they would have to wear multiple layers, but to this man, he was wearing a black t-shirt which was tight on his body, alongside a blue jacket.

    Turning away from the sky, he made his way over to a cave, which was about a 5 minute walk, and returned to see a huge group of Pokémon waiting for him, all surrounding a fire. Just looking at his face, they knew something was going to happen, so they all listened patiently.

    “It has been 10 years,” The man spoke; his voice was clear yet it sounded like a young teenager. “We have had many adventures when we have been away; some good, some bad, some amazing, some horrifying that we wont be able to forget.” As he said this all the Pokémon were nodding along to what he had to say.

    “However, I have decided that it’s time for us to return to everyone. By now, they probably won’t remember us, and that is why now is the right time. We are going back to Pallet; its time to see a new friend again.” He said, and they Pokémon knew that he was finished, and they are shouted in their voices on their agreement, before they started getting ready.

    After 5 minutes of gathering everything and putting it away, the young man gathered up his bag, which on inspection had multiple pokeball’s with him, and he returned all of his Pokémon back to their respective pokeball, apart from one; a bird which was waiting by the cave entrance, with it fluttering its wings out and preparing for the flight.

    Getting onto it’s back silently, the man uttered 3 words silently. “Pidgeot, Pallet Town”, and with that the bird cried out and took off, flapping it’s wings to gain some altitude, as well as to get away from the mountain. Eventually, the young man decided that it was time, and with a gentle pat on the back, he clung on as the bird began to close in its wings and began to free fall through the sky, gaining so much speed it managed to break the sound barrier,

    Due to this quick descent, the pair was at the base of the mountain instantly, and they began to glide through the sky; the evening had turned into a royal blue, and a person on the ground had to use binoculars to actually see the pair in the sky at all.

    Pallet Town was the same as it had been when he had last visited; the same small houses, all illuminated with their lights; completely different to goldenrod city. Getting off pidgeot’s back when they arrived outside a certain professors lab, he returned Pidgeot back to his ball and walked up the door and sharply knocked on the door 3 times, before waiting for an answer.

    If the night was silent, which it wasn’t due to the chirping of the birds, you would of heard the shuffling of feet and the odd mumble, before the door was swung open by an ageing man, who had more wrinkles on him, alongside tired looking eyes.

    “I’m sorry there young man, but I’m not accepting any new trainers at the moment, please come back in the morning.” And with that he began to close the door, but before it was fully shut, a foot was stuck inside, preventing it from shutting.

    “I’m not here for a Pokémon Professor” The man said, before he looked up at the man. “I’m here to have a talk with you.”

    Looking into the man’s eyes, the professor instantly knew who those eye’s belonged to, and he began to shake uncontrollably.

    “No, it can’t be……….” He said, with his words beginning to tail off. “How are you alive? We thought you were dead. Never mind that, come inside” The old man ushered, and the man accepted, before walking in, with the professor looking out to see no one was looking, before closing the door.

    “How have you been Ash?”

    Other: This is my first Fanfic, so expect it to be quite bad :/
    Method of Contact: I would like the beta reader to PM me, and I'll PM them back as well ASAP.
  • Lashh - Seeking a Grammar Beta Reader/Proofreeder
    Title of story: Legends of Kanto
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot Summary: Four children from Pallet Town on set out into the thrilling world of Pokemon, to face the perilous trials of the Pokemon Trainer.
    Genre: Original Trainer
    Rating: PG-13
    Sample: Prologue (part of it, anyways):

    It was a very peaceful day in the town of Pallet. A smooth breeze blew through the town so warmly bathed by the slowly sinking summer sun. The mood was high for the citizens of this peaceful town, as the students attending the Pallet Pokemon School have graduated after a year and a half’s worth of hard work and learning the basics of the creatures known as Pokemon. Now that they have surpassed the basic level of Pokemon education, graduates now have the requirement to begin their own journey through the beautiful land of Kanto, where legends are born.

    Only three students graduate from the class at a time, the top three pupils. These three individuals passed the tests issued by the town’s Pokemon expert, Professor Oak. With each group of three graduates, the Professor gives one Pokemon to each individual, granting them each a proper head start for their upcoming journey.

    The top three students in this years class are Blue, who was an obvious contender for graduation, being the grandson of Professor Oak. However, the boys smarts prove his worthiness, scoring close to perfect on each major exam. The second upcoming Pokemon trainer is a boy named Barclay, a kind spirited child who received average scores on his tests. How the third trainer, Red managed to pass was above anyone’s head. His tests scores were the lowest out of the three individuals, yet high enough to beat out the rest of the class. Red is also a kindhearted boy, but can be too childish for his own good.

    The graduation ceremony was nearing its end, and all the graduates had the fire of excitement in their eyes. Their spirits were high with diploma in hand, and the guarantee of receiving a Pokemon from Professor Oak only boosted their moods. Their eyes gleamed at the Professor as he approached them.

    “Congratulations to all three of you! I am looking very forward to seeing the three of you head out on your very own Pokemon journey.”

    Professor Oak paused for a moment as one of the boys, Red, held his hand up with a question that was most likely on all three boys minds.

    “Professor Oak, when are we getting our Pokemon?”

    Red asked inquisitively as his curious, brown eyes gazed at Professor Oak.

  • Gothitelle. - "I need help with characters, grammar and description to maybe get ideas with finishing this."
    Title of Story: A Friendship Story
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: After being sent from her home to the real world, Giratina finds herself with the opportunity to redeem herself and start a new life. While doing so, she meets Hydreigon and instantly wanted to be her friend. Will she give Giratina a chance or flee?
    Genre: Friends/Hurt/Comfort
    Rating: G
    Writing sample of story:
    Intro chapter: It starts in an alternate universe. The Distortion World, where a Pokemon lives in fear and anxiety from living alone for many years. Her name? Giratina. She lives in this alternate universe alone with just her teddy bear by her side. The darkness of this world has left young Giratina trembling in fear every night. She has no one. No one to tell her a story. No one to get her a glass of milk at night. Most importantly, no one to make her feel safe.

    She laid there in her bed, trying to keep herself awake so she doesn’t sleep, because everytime she does, she has nightmares about that fateful day. The day where she was banished from the real world years ago for her destructiveness and violence. She was a violent and destructive girl back in the day. She seemed to destroy anything she can get her hands on and when other Pokemon got tired of her, she’d pick fights with them and win them by force. That behavior the young Pokemon harbored, was the final straw for the legendary Pokemon, Arceus; who banished Giratina from the real world and sealed her in the Distortion World.

    Now, Giratina fights to prove that she is worthy enough to go back into the real world. She wants to prove to Arceus that she is indeed a good Pokemon and is responsible. However, being immature, it is difficult for her to prove she can take such a big step. Every night, she hopes that he will give her forgiveness and take her from this world. A world where a young Pokemon has to defend what is hers… alone.

    As Giratina laid in her bed, clutching her teddy bear; she heard a sound. A strange sound indeed. She hid under her covers as the warping sound got louder and louder. The sound was so loud, it made Giratina’s caterpillar like body tremble with fear. She held on to her bear tighter and she talked quietly to herself.

    “You don’t think it’s the mud people do you Bear Bear?” Giratina whispered with fear.

    It stopped. Everything went silent. However, Giratina was still shaking with fear as she tried to pretend she was asleep. She can feel someone about to come up to her. Although she was never kidnapped, she still always felt that one day, she was. Maybe, it might happen. All she knows is that there is someone there.

    “Giratina… wake up!” a familiar voice called out.

    Giratina got up from under the covers, only to see a stone right in front of her. When she looked up… she could have sworn she saw Arceus. Her vision was a little blurry, but she was sure she saw him.

    “Is that… Arceus?” She asked herself out loud.

    The stone in front of her suddenly shined a bright light. Obstructing her view of the figure in front of her. Before she can say anything else…

    “Sayonara Giratina…” the voice said as the room lit up in a white light.

    Giratina closed her eyes tightly as she felt a strong gust of wind blowing on her. She clutched tightly to her bear as she braced herself. Suddenly, it all stopped. The wind stopped. Even with eyes closed, she can tell that the light wasn’t as bright anymore. When she opened her eyes, she looked around, shocked and surprised.

    The sky above her was clear, blue and sunny and the grass was a dark green and was adorned with many flowers. The sound of the lake… the waves crashing against each other. This can all mean one thing… Giratina was in the real world.

    Other: Been writing for as long as I remember; first fanfiction I wrote was for the Powerpuff Girls fandom. Also written for the Sonic fandom; Weakness are character portrayals and events happening too quickly.
  • Dragovian98 - Seeking a Comprehensive mentor

    Title of Story: Transformed
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: After a boy explores the local forest with his best friend, a series of events follow which results in him becoming a Pokemon, and being forced to alter the destiny of Time, Space, and discovering the secrets that the Universe would rather keep hidden...
    Genre: Action, Adventure and with slight war themes in some parts
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG-13- blood, language, and suggestive themes.
    Writing sample of story: The Prologue and chapter 1 can currently be found here:
    Other: Liked writing stories for about 4 years I am capable of thinking up a pretty decent plot pretty spontaneously, but i lack the descriptive and grammatical talent that really makes a writer.
  • chelly1107 - Seeking a Comprehensive mentor

    Title of Story: n/a
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Plot summary: (I haven't decided on this either)
    Genre: Adventure
    Rating: PG
    Writing sample of story:
    “The weather is perfect for shopping or a nice walk in the Goldenrod Park, stay tuned for our interview later with our Region’s Champion, Lance”
    “Did you hear that everyone? It’s a day for shopping! Who’s coming with me?” Rie cheerfully shouted at the large group of Pokémon huddled in front of the TV. They all turned to her, turned to each other, then back at the TV. Rie sighed and ran her hand through her dark long hair. She always brought one of the five Pokémon in her party whenever she went anywhere, but lately, her Pokémon seemed bored.
    The days when beating a tough trainer was reason to celebrate is long gone. Mainly because tough trainers to beat are next to none, and winning was like launching a full team on a preschooler’s Rattata. It’s pitiful, and you become the bad guy. Her Pokémon must feel the same way.
    Rie consulted the list stuck to the refrigerator. Right between the shopping list and a photo was a list of which of her Pokémon came with her, for what reason and when.
    “Luna! It’s your turn!”
    An Umbreon walked towards her without expression. Rie had expected a face of annoyance, but out of her team, only Luna had been acting strange. When Rie had first trained Luna as an Eevee, she was the one who expressed the most emotion in anything. Danced in a victory or is the first to start some conversation with her fellow team members. She had taken her to a doctor and found nothing strange. “Hopefully” Rie thought, “it’s because she misses the thrills of battles like I do.”
    Other: The story takes quite a while to get to the point, but it does.
  • mzmingle - Seeking a Comprehensive/Plot mentor/Proofreader

    Title of Story: Adventures In Unova - All Battlers
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: Twins Adam and Amelia go on their pokemon adventure around Unova, also going to the Battle Dome.
    Genre: Pokemon? Adventure?
    Rating: PG but may get a bit bad, probs not.
    Writing sample of story:
    The twins were ten and it was their eleventh birthday that exact day. Amelia got dressed in a blue top and a pair of denim trousers. She brushed her long brown hair into a tight ponytail. She put a clip in her hair and you could finally see her bright brown eyes. She went to brush her teeth.

    Adam got dressed in a green top and a pair of brown trousers. He quickly combed his blonde hair and brushed his teeth.

    They walked downstairs to see their sister cooking some eggs and toast.

    “Wow, that looks nice!” said Amelia.

    “Yes, it does!” replied Adam.

    “Good. You better eat it. I thought you were already gone, you were so slow!” said Alice sarcastically.
    She gave them their food and they ate it quickly.

    “Bye!” they said in unison, and they were gone in a flash. They ran to the Professor’s lab and went in.

    “Hello, I’m Professor Juniper. You are the Karl Twins, right?” she asked.

    “Right!” the twins said in unison, yet again.

    “What pokemon would you like? There is a wildcard, if you would like.” said Juniper.
    Both children ran to a Pokeball. Adam chose Snivy and Amelia chose the wildcard which was Lillipup.

    Professor Juniper smiled at them and gave them some Pokeballs. She gave Amelia a blue Pokedex and C-Gear and Alex green ones.
    “Thanks, Professor!” said Amelia.

    “What she said.” said Adam,

    They both walked up and out of the door. They smiled at each other.

    “Together, or go our own ways?” asked Adam.

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