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Originally Posted by Naoi View Post
The maps and scripts look absolutely wonderful, from what I can see. I love how much effort you seem to be putting into this hack. I like how you put the Johto starters in the hack, but, it is a bit overused, imo... I mean, I do see a lot of hacks using the Johto Starters, but it's your choice. I'll obviously be using Cyndaquil. I'm really looking forward to playing this hack. I might try out beta 1 and that's it when it comes out, then go for the final beta, but I will be watching this thread. ;D

Good luck, Harry and Max~
I like Johto starters. :3 And thanks.

Originally Posted by H2O Turquoise View Post
Nice, red! I've always liked colorful textboxes.
The thing about the glitch doesn't sound very good...

Originally Posted by Zelfier View Post
Female NPC's freeze the game? Why don't you try re-scripting or re-inserting them?
I also like the reddish text box, <3
It's not the scripts, it's a corrupt ASM routine.

Originally Posted by Cirnos Servant View Post
Usually when something like this happens, you make a backup, and on that backup delete the last few things you did (scripts, people etc) then try it out.

It's how I fix most glitches.

But otherwise, good luck :)
Hm.. I have a back-up without it. But, I think it wouldn't be that hard to fix it; so I'm continuing on this ROM.

Few Updates:

Screen 1: Screen of Colt Path, showing off Max. :3
Screen 2: Hero backsprite and Max front sprite.
Screen 3: Showing tree stump searching feature.
Screen 4: Nothing? Aw, too bad.
Screen 5: Yay, Toto evolved! <3
Screen 6: Yay event preview.