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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
No Exit or Option menu items? Otherwise, it looks great. Maybe you could try using the font rendering methods to draw the text, rather than use pictures (this is assuming it's a script, not an event system) - this will make it easier to modify the options if needed, and make it fit with the rest of the game more (the 'm' character in the menu is noticeably different to that in the font).
Its an event system, so I think I'll stay with the style it has. As for exiting, it can be done with the X button, and Options and Save go in a submenu under File Management

Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
That's very slick. Nice job :D Management has another E in it, by the way.

The only thing that looks off are the lowercase M's and N's. They seem to be a pixel or two taller than the other letters, which makes them look a little bit odd.
Thanks. All of those are luckily relatively easy fixes.
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