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    First: Needs a name, Help? Touhoumon: Moonlight?
    Secondly: Which ROM to hack? I was thinking Sapphire, but my text editor will only edit the intro. Thinking of LeafGreen as a replacement. Leafgreen is going to be the hack because there are too many firered Touhoumon hacks xD Also, does anyone know how to sprite?

    Touhoumon sprite Pack
    More hacking tools
    Touhoumon Music
    Someone to sprite the new touhous (I will draw them, if I had a tablet, I would do the spriting part myself, but I don't sorry)

    Plot 1: Gensokyo Plot

    Alice made dolls that resemble the inhabitants of Gensokyo, and soon everyone ended up owning one. People keep them as pets, others battle with them.
    Many secrets revolve around the Puppets.
    Magic has allowed the use of minimal technology, thus the creation of the Ayanote, a documentation device to record puppets information.

    Plot 2: Original Plot- Kitjusyo.

    Kitjusyo is a world alongside Gensokyo, created by Yukari Yakumo herself. Since Gensokyo was on the verge of dying, everyone moved to this new, more technology-advanced world. (Technology powered by magic, of course)
    Upon creation, Puppets of everyone ended up appearing, thus making them a common occurance.
    Nobody knows why they appear, and why there is a puppet of EVERYONE in Kitjusyo.
    People keep them as pets, others battle with them.

    Boy= Runi, a neko-vampire (my bf's OC)
    Girl= Mikirin, a part neko girl (my OC)
    Rival: Luna, a Youkai adopted by Yukari (my OC again)
    Proffesor= Reimu Hakurei
    All Touhoumon including some made by myself (ideas welcome)
    New map
    New storyline
    Different trainers

    Ideas are welcome, also I could use alot of help. (I can do it myself, but I have limited internet access, Stealing neighbors internet from the table =P so it will take longer if I do it myself)

    I look forward to seein everyone's ideas.