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I apologize for being off on my estimate of when the update would be posted, everyone - I was having troubles uploading the images last night. :P


Damn, it's that freaking kid, Ramon...

That is traditionally how underground structures are made. :\

Hmmm... I guess I should meet this odd man.

Hello, sir, I was just-

Err... no thank you, sir.

I've heard it before, but probably not in the context to which you are referring...

Is it a dirty joke, or something? :\

Good job Justin... good job.

Some other time, perhaps.

An apt title, I suppose.

Well... it is very purple.

Cornian TV sucks.

That's a violation of their rights... :(

No thanks.

:shocked: How did they know I would read this!? :shocked:

That's not very nice...


Thank's for the sucky HM move. :(

Well that's ni-


Did you just say "Molemen"?

Yeah... all gardeners are mad... so I hear.

No, can't say that I do.

I guess...


Thanks for wasting my time. :(

I'm not giving you tips on how to cheat on your boyfriend.

I guess I'll have to talk to him sometime... *sigh*

...the hell?

Not understandable?

Sure, why not?

You're a whiny ****, Ramon.

Yeah! :D

How the hell did this whiny **** beat the two leaders who gave me trouble!?




...a giant...?

I don't give a damn about the psychic hamster, but Ramon, you do suck. HARD.

Really... how the hell did you win with a blind hamster!?

I've been here for ten minutes you idiot.

It's because you suck, Ramon...

A chance to prove your suckiness? COUNT ME IN! :D

NEITHER WILL I!!!!!!!!!!!111111111shift

God that mullet is just horrible.

*sigh* They all use males...


Did... did I kill it?

Whiny ****.

Again with the giant stuff... :\

Finally he's leaving. :)

I actually very much enjoyed the experience. :badsmile:

Well he really couldn't get much weaker...

If you have cookies...


...the hell?

I guess I'll go train up a little before fighting the 'giant moleman'...







You disappoint me Baro.

I caught this little fella a couple of steps into the grass :P

You wish you were half as awesome as Brrd.

Won't our Pokemon be doing all of the work?

God... you're one of those trainers that carries six abysmally weak Pokemon with you, aren't you?

Yes... yes she was.


Destroy the impostor!

I did not enjoy that battle at all.

How are berries growing in this climate in the first place?

Happiness would weaken my Pokemon. :badsmile:

That's some very lax security, you have there, Daycare people...

Yeah, they really suck, don't they?

Double battle time, I guess. :P

OH MY GOD! Her shriek has broken forth from the confines of space and time!

You guys... look eerily similar... :paranoid:


Effective enough for Roco. :rambo:

That's not very nice of him...

As long as you don't kick me... :(

Don't the police have something better to do than harass me?

Apparently not...

Damn you and your full roster!

^^ The only interesting thing to happen the entire battle.

I dunno...



Ummm... Fire-types are effective against Ice-types, aren't they?

Really sir, there is no need for-


That isn't even a fire type, is it? :\

Most definitely not.

They seem to have some Flying in them, however...

Sir... there wasn't even a Fire-type involved!


I guess I should check and see if Ramon's uncle has any cookies for me. :D


I want one of those too!

How can you move on that without a hill?

(Sorry, I missed a screen here... Probably wasn't important anyway. :P)

X-TREME TO TEH MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But... there was already an ice-bird on this Route...

And he takes serious offense!

That'll teach you. :badsmile:


I see nothing comedic about snowboarding...

Especially since they seem to be self-propelled. :D

Does it?

I'd assume that they ar-

Oh, we're battling?


But... you hit first...




'Last hit'...? :\

Did you just pronounce the '8'?


I'm never going to read 'em.

Can't say that I do.

Very much so. :D

I like it too. :)


I thought your skates were popular?


That isn't the proper use for that word...

On my feet?

Tight ones I suppose...


Woohoo! Free crap!

Good to know.


I'm skating!

Ahem... back to the exploring, I suppose...

Hear what, strange man?

Tough luck, I guess.

:shocked: I doubt that I'll ever stop seeing that! :shocked:

I doubt I'll ever enter a Contest...

You sick freak...


Why not?

Nah... I'm good. :)

I guess that-

:paranoid: How do you know my name!? :paranoid:

Never coming back again...

Maybe I'll get my cookie now?

It's been like two hours... :\

Should I care?

I don't give a rat's ass. I'm guessing that you don't have a cookie for me though...

(Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me... Please don't flash me...)

I'm really tired of this...

(Gay laugh...)

BULL****! I came straight this way right after my battle with you, and didn't get even a whiff of your mullet! And how the hell am I supposed to believe that a weakling like you could ever win any battle, EVER!

I'll show that whiny **** how someone wins a badge!

Any comments?

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