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    1. .Rebirth.+
    2. Cassino
    3. Greene1516+
    4. Jordan+
    5. LilacLust+
    6. Painter+
    7. SacredMiKeY+
    8. Winged Guardian+
    9. zappyspiker
    10. Zelfier

    1. I call him Ribl.....Because he is awesome kitty! XD
    2. A person I do not know, but probably visited mah profile because he/she recognized mah awesomeness! XD
    3. I haven't talked to him in a while....old PC buddy...XD
    4. Awesome evil manly homicidal friend. XD
    5. Same as ^^. XD
    6. same as ^^^ and ^.
    7. Same as ^^^^ and ^^. XD Wow, now I feel guilty for having invisimode on....nobody knew I was on...haven't talked to them in a while....XD
    8. Awesome guardian of all that is good and decent, and keeps balance in OT. XD
    9. A zappy guy from a club I think closed down....can't really too many PC friends...XD
    10. Zelfier is cool. XD

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