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Iwant to create my own pokemon
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    In this tutorial im gonna show you how can extract and translate text from pokemon HG/SS.



    1) Extract ALL the files to 'thenewpoketext' folder.

    2) Remember to have your Pokemon HG/SS Rom inside thenewpoketext folder.

    3) Run thenewpoketext. Once you run thenewpoketext, a Command Prompt will pop up.

    4) For the Command Prompt, type in your Rom Name. (So if you have pkmss.nds as your Rom name, then in the Command Prompt you'll type in "pkmss.nds" (without the quotations and press Enter).

    5)you'll have a Folder in 'thenewpoketext' folder called "tmp_[rom name here]" Wait for That Folder to be Fully Extracted. (NOTE: DON'T CLOSE THE COMMAND PROMPT, BECAUSE YOU'LL JUST CONFUSE YOURSELF. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED).

    6) Open the Folder "tmp_[romnamehere]" and Double Click the "ROOT" Folder. Double Click the "a" folder. Double click the "0" folder. And then Double Click the "2" Folder.

    7) Move 7 file to "msgdata" folder.

    8) Rename the 7.file to "msg.narc" (without the quotations).

    9) Now Back to the Command Prompt, type in "get 43 options.xml" or "getall dialogue.xml" (without the quotations).

    10) Edit xml file with Notepad++ translate text but you have to change false = true save in xml file.

    11) Go to newpoketext [ patch.xml options or dialogue.xml ].

    12) Go to "msgdata" folder rename "msg.narc" and move to "Root/a/0/2".

    13) Go To newpoketext "mkrom pkmss.nds"
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