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    Wow, Spira I finally watched your video and it is simply amazing, your vision of a Pokemon game is so unique and it's basically the kind of Pokemon game everyone has been waiting for since the 90's, so congratulations on what you've accomplished so far.

    but as always I have a few more questions:

    -are you planning on incorporating a story to the game?

    -And if you planning on incorporating a story, will it be similar to the original games or be completely brand new?

    -what are you planning in terms of starter pokemon?

    -have you guys considered anything in terms of music for the game?

    -will you be planning on incorporating special Pokemon like Zapdo's or eevee to be available to player's in a one time only event per player? (like in Pokemon Red & Blue)

    -Will there be User Names for our trainers when we enter the game?

    sorry for all the questions, but I just can't help it. Your game looks so amazing and I can't wait to play it.