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"jodi!! why you did..what!!! eevee good job!!!!!!!!" eevee tackle the guy down who was geting to hit me with a chair. the kid look at me and said "you the one who beat me before but not this time because i am now with my fellow brothers. i am an Surprem." jodi was able to get up so i ask her if she knows what this guy is talking about? jodi gave a no and said "i think this guy is crazy." the guy who hit jodi got to the side of the other guy and said "Brother Web is not crazy. he and i are part of an organzation who belive that pokemon should only belong to the best people not the weak. so we steal pkmn and keep them for ourselfs. we are the Surprem. and you both don't deseave pkmn." the guy i battle spoke and said "yes you are rigth Brother Net. you were only luckly when you beat me this mourning. but now i have help. i chanllgege you to a double battle. an you only have one." the guy is rigth but "no. he not alone. he got me." it jodi who said this. "go necture. it time for battle." look like it even. "eevee are you ready to battle!" eevee gave out a "WEEVV!!!"
hey hey hey
GO!!!!!!! CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classic Charizard!!!

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