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    For some reason, none of your projects work for me... It keeps saying "missing vd100.bpl" or something along those lines. Any idea what vd100.bpl is?
    It's included in the .dll zip folder that's on my website, but if you have Vista, even having this probably won't let it run. I'll recompile all the programs to run without these files if problems with Vista like this persist.

    So how exactly does this tool work? All I see it does is add Pokemon, or moves to a Pokemon's list. I see nothing involving parents.
    Well, you could add the parents of a pokemon to a list, and then moves for them to inherit, but it'd useless because parent pokemon can never be born from an egg, unless you hack that too. Remember, don't think of it as parent of pokemon B who's parent of pokemon A, but as pokemon C, B, and A, all of whom happen to give birth to pokemon A when they have an egg. Thus, only pokemon A's egg moves matter.

    As for the term "egg move", I thought this term was near universal for this concept, but apparently I was mistaken.